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W&W Biography:

Ward van der Harst & Willem van Hanegem have come to be known as the wildly popular duo called W&W. Armin van Buuren said “W&W are truly the rising stars of trance. If I have to put my money on somebody, I put it on W&W.” With major productions like ‘AK-47′ and ‘Impact’, these two have risen to the top tier of producers and performers in the world. Voted #36 over all in last years DJ mag and continuing to put out amazing music, there truly is no limit to what these two young guys are capable of. We had the chance to sit down with them at their hotel before their huge performance at Insomniacs Awakening event at the LA Exchange

W&W from Techibeats on Vime

– See more at: https://www.techibeats.com/artist-interviews/w-w#.Us8HyWRDuFc

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