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Uberjak’d Biography:


Recently while at Splash House, the Techibeats Team was able to sit down and talk with the up and coming producer Uberjak’d! His sounds have been played throughout every main stage festival with garnered support from Deorro, Joel Fletcher, and the infamous Laidback Luke. Let’s delve in and get started shall we…….?

TB: The past few months you have been playing shows like a madman! How was playing in Australia for the Mixmash tour with D.O.D? Did you learn anything new while on this tour?

Uberjak’d: Yeah this year has been super busy, I just got back from my 2nd USA tour and I’m off to Asia / EU next week. It’s always a challenge trying to make time while on tour to write new music so I would say this is the thing i have been learning. I have spent the past 6 months making music while on the road, which I have learned is not the easiest thing to do. But new music is what connects my fan base and me so it is something I cannot stop doing!

TB: Along with the tour you had a stop at this years Tomorrowland, how was it playing at the Dim Mak Stage?

Uberjak’d: Tommorowland was an amazing experience, definitely one of my most memorable sets! Just being able to see how much the festival brought people together from all round the globe is really something special.

TB: What is your favorite stop on a tour, a nightclub or a festival, and why?

Uberjak’d: I’ve always loved playing festivals; they just have such an uplifting vibe. I don’t know if it’s the open air or people are just genuinely having a great time, but there is always this indescribable feeling of happiness at festivals! With that being said, nothing is better than a sweaty set in a club, so let’s just say I like both.


TB: Your latest release, “Turn Up The Club”, is certainly a festival hit! How was it working with Chardy on the tune, and how did the collab come about?

Uberjak’d: That was my second track with Chardy and he is great to work with. He is a really knowledgeable producer; every time I see him he always has this new plugin he has found that does some crazy stuff! Kronic and Leftside were also on the record, with Leftside laying down the vocals and Kronic working on the tune with us. Most of the track was written in the Ministry of Sound Studio a few months before Leftside layered his vocals down. Usually the way I produce I lay down an instrumental tune then get a vocalist on it. This is due to everyone being so busy that getting everyone in the same place at the same time can be difficult to write a track.

TB: Do you feel that music is evolving currently and having a shift in what is being listened to?

Uberjak’d: Absolutely, it always is, that is what makes dance music unique compared to other genres. It’s always about pushing new sound design barriers giving the listener something different! That is why I love this scene so much, it makes it exciting.

TB: Have you found that Melbourne Bounce has been growing in the States rapidly in the past year? Along with yourself what other artists do you think have had a say in the growth of the genre?

Uberjak’d: The bounce is really getting some traction in the US, my last tour I was blown away with the response. What makes me so exited is seeing how much passion people have for the sound. The bounce is all our thing, whether you’re a producer, a dj who plays it, a promoter who books shows or just a fan who loves to listen to it, it’s our thing and that’s why I love it!

It is of no surprise that Bounce house is becoming popular, so make sure you check out Uberjak’d and keep up to date with his releases and tour dates!

Uberjak’d Social Media | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Interview and Article by Ben Puig

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