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Tritonal Biography:


Tritonal is one of the most powerful DJ duo’s in the game. They started working together back in 2007 and have gone from random newcomers to one of the most exciting and highest energy acts in the dance music scene. Becoming this big, this fast in the dance music industry would go to a lot of people’s heads, but this duo has stayed on point and humble while capturing the hearts and ears of fans all over the world. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed formed this musical partnership from opposite ends of the United States after meeting online in a sound production forum, out of all places. Within a year of working together, they released their first big hit ‘Piercing Quiet’, which was voted best track by listeners of Armin van Buuren’s ASOT radio show. With their newest release ‘Arc‘ that came out today on Beatport, we thought it would be the perfect time to do an interview with these legends in the making. Check out the interview after the jump!

Tritonal and Super8 & Tab – ARC (Original Mix) | Beatport
ARC (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab and Tritonal – ARC (Original Mix)

Hey Dave and Chad, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How are you guys doing today?

Chad – Ahh cool, finally a bit of time in the studio!!
Dave – Doing well, thanks! We’re glad to!

Performing on stage together and producing your tracks in the studio, most people know Tritonal as one cohesive group. As individuals though, can you tell us more about what makes Dave and Chad different?

Dave – That’s actually a very good question! As much as we do work together like gears in a machine, there are of course some different traits that we have to operate. For instance, I tend to be a bit more on the reserved side, whereas Chad is quite outgoing, which is a good dynamic for us. It even translates well in studio – even though we both could individually carry the weight of full production, there are times to make it crazy and times to make it serious so having those dynamics between us works out great for Tritonal.

You guys are always traveling playing shows all over the globe. The ARC Tour itself is a nonstop journey throughout the United States. We can’t possibly fathom how you guys can stay healthy and intact. How do you guys separate the busy touring schedule with your normal lives? Any tips for all the traveling?

Chad – Definitely bring along a neck pillow and an eye mask!! :p It is brutal at times and the best thing to do is to try and eat as healthy as possible, stay away from alcohol, and catch cardio workouts when you can. A good sweat and nap can go a long way! After a long journey internationally, we may take the vitamin Melatonin, which helps to regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle.

Speaking of the ARC Tour, Super8 & Tab perfectly complement your guys’ style. They possess the same kind of energy on stage and in their productions that you guys have. What brought you guys together for the tour and to create “ARC”?

Dave – Thanks! Well, the funny thing is, we played a show with them in California at LA Exchange. After watching their set, and after the overall night ended, we proposed the idea of a collaboration, which they loved! So then it all boiled down to our ARC track which then helped kick off our ARC TOUR throughout the USA and parts of Canada! It’s been going so well

As if your original productions weren’t already good enough, you have just released a special “Piercing the Quiet: Remixed” compilation with remixes and club mixes of your debut artist album. What are some of your favorite remixes and artists to work with on the compilation?

Chad – Ahh some amazing artists, and thanks for the compliment! Seven Lions, Rafael Frost, Super8 & Tab and Stoneface & Terminal are some of my favs!

What qualities separate your Air Up There sub-label from Enhanced Recordings? Is there a particular style you’re looking for?

Dave – Yes indeed, definitely some unique melody and breathtaking bass grooves! Most of all, unique music! There’s a lot of the same stuff out there and we look for fun, different, but yet appealing music – music that represents who we are as a label.

We last caught you at the Exchange for Insomniac’s weekly Awakening event back in October and we noticed that you started to incorporate more house and electro tracks into your sets. Is this something you guys plan on doing more frequently or just something you’re trying out?

Chad – We really love what’s happening in the house and electro scenes at the minute. There are really some amazing records that fit quite nicely in a progressive trance set. It’s something we are loving at the minute and the blending of styles is really dear to us. We’ve been going further down this hole and are just loving the energy.

‘Tritonians’ just might be the most frenzied, die-hard fans. What are some of the most ridiculous things some of your fans have done for you, and can you tell us how much it means to you guys to have such a dedicated and loving community of fans?

Dave – It means the WORLD to us! We love our Tritonians and really would be at a stall-point without them. Having this community in our lives and business is so crucial because without such a loving, caring fanbase, we wouldn’t be anywhere! You can sit, make music all day and DJ all you want – but who are you without your fans?
Chad – Our fans aren’t crazy in a weird sense, they’re just super dedicated! They will travel from out of state (or even country) to see us play, make us awesome kandi and posters! They also all meet up and talk to each other online – some Tritonians have formed great friendships with each other!

Can you tell us about your Air Up There record label? What are you looking for in a new artist?

Chad – Well, the most important thing right away is the record. We are melody guys, so the track needs to have a catchy riff, intelligent progression or amazing top line to really hook us in. It also needs to possess enough energy for us to play in our sets. If it lacks either, we just gotta pass.

You guys plan to celebrate Air Up There with a special homecoming show in Austin. How much does it mean for you two to be playing back at home for such a monumental event in your careers?

Dave – OH man, we are so excited to be playing back home in Austin! It’s been forever since we’ve played in town – I think nearly 3 years. To have our Air Up There 100 party at home is wonderful because we’ve had friends and family that have supported us from the very beginning when we played small shows with nobody there! Now, to reunite with such a stellar event, especially live with Cristina Soto as well as with Kyau & Albert and Super8 & Tab… wow what a night it’s going to be!

When being a super DJ duo is all said and done, what’s at the end of the road for you guys? Do you each have endeavors outside of the music industry or is it something that will maintain an integral part of your life for as long as you live?

Chad – Music is Life!! Whatever happens, music will be a huge part of my journey to the end.

– See more at: https://www.techibeats.com/artist-interviews/tritonal#.Us8KaWRDuFc

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