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Tritonal Biography:

Doug Van Sant, electric zoo, EZ2014

Tritonal. A name that resonates with many electronic dance music fanatics. The American based production duo which is comprised of Chad Cisneros and David Reed have been producing and touring the globe for the better half of the last decade now.  And in that time, Tritonal has made some big waves in this ever changing industry. In addition to producing and touring the globe, the guys are also co-owners of Enhanced Records, a classic progressive/trance record label which hosts quality release after quality release. One of Tritonal’s most notable releases of the last year was their collaboration titled “Colors” with Paris Blohm featuring vocals by Sterling Fox. Tritonal recently took some time out of their busy schedule to sit down with us and talk all things Tritonal! Here is how the interview went:

TB: Hey Trional! Thanks for sitting down with us and chatting, how has everything been going lately?

Tritonal: Great, super busy in the studio lately writing new music which is exciting. 🙂

TB: That is exciting! Jumping right into the interview, you guys gained notoriety after the release of your album, ‘Piercing the Quiet’, a modern trance classic. These days you experiment more with progressive house and electro; although you’ve mentioned you don’t want to replicate your old music, do you have any plans to make any trance music in the future?

Tritonal: We’re not opposed to it, we love writing all different types of music and always loved the melodic aspect of Trance. We’ve got some really solid records we’re working on now, can’t wait to show our fans the new songs!!

TB: Awesome, we can’t wait to hear them! In addition, you emphasize that it’s important to stay current in the industry, thus one of the major reasons you’re focused on the Metamorphic series. Can you explain more specifically what it means to stay current, and the importance of doing so?

Tritonal: Music moves so fast, and electronic music seems to move even faster than most genres. When we refer to staying current, what we really mean is making music that works great on the floor and on the radio right NOW. We host a weekly residency on Sirius XM, and stay current with new tracks literally every day. We love writing music, and as such try and keep our tracks fresh, unique and forward thinking.

TB: The past couple of years we have seen a lot of progressive and big room house. In your opinion, what are the genres that may become the next trend?

Tritonal (Chad) – I think more melodic and slower tempo based house will have a pretty big rise. I call it Tropical House. Guys like Kygo and others seem to be onto something. We dig it, listen to loads of chill out music already.

TB: It’s been over a year since you two have joined Enhanced Recordings as co-owners. What drew you to the label, and what can you say you’ve really gained from that label in particular?

Tritonal: We love Will Holland, and we’re all about surrounding ourselves with like minded people. We love the brand, and have a very similar ear when it comes to deciphering whats good and whats not. At the end of the day its all about good music, and having a team of people who you believe in and trust is so key.

TB: Do you have any future plans for Enhanced music, and/or collaborations you can share with us that we can expect?

Tritonal: We have a new collaboration with one of our label talents Juventa, and are just starting a new one with Estiva!! Look out for those in the coming months, big tunes!!

TB: You’ve performed at Nocturnal Wonderland, Moonrise Festival, Electric Zoo Festival, and Watershed Festival this year. Which event was your most favorite to spin at, and why?

Tritonal: We had a blast at Nocturnal this year, and headlined that stage. To see a sea of Tritonians come rushing over to the stage as we were coming on was brilliant, you could literally see the fans rushing over to our set. AMAZING!

TB: Chad has mentioned in an interview that he listened to alot of chill-out music when he was referring to what music inspired him. Was the Metamorphic Downtempo remix of “Satellite” Chad’s idea, Dave’s, or both of you guys?

Tritonal (Chad): I think i did kick start that idea actually, but as with all projects we went in hard together. Dave set down the initial chords quite quickly, and we developed from there. Gorgeous that one. We do listen to loads of it, as it’s one of the purest forms of great melodies. You’ll see much more of that from us in the future, it gets right down to the heartbeat of why we love music so much.

TB:  You guys have mentioned that BT is one of your primary influences. How does it feel to now have worked with him on several releases?

Tritonal (Chad): Ahhh Brian!! haha! I get a pulse of energy just thinking about that guy, what a source of pure energy he is!! Yep, amazing times in the studio. Laughed our butts off on so many topics, stories, he’s full on. We need to find a way to package him up in little bits and sell him, could probably fly a rocket with that sorta fuel 🙂 Great experience, one for the books. Hope to go to his studio sometime soon and work on a score or two. Great dude.

TB: If you had to select three tracks to be your favorite tracks at this moment from Metamorphic 3, what would they be and why?

Tritonal: Now Or Never – This track was magic from the moment we started. We knew we had something so special right away, and although it was a bit tricky to finish, in the end we nailed it and are so proud of that record.
Satellite – Probably the most pure melodic energy out of any of the singles from all EP’s combined. This one has been making people jump in our live sets for well over a year, even before we had the vocal. Super catchy melody, easy to remember and great uplifting emotion. Love this song, and love the chill out version as well.
Anchor – The vocal is just so magical, and one of those records we had on repeat after we finished it!! The remixes are coming soon, hold onto your pants!!

TB: What is the meaning of being a Tritonian, and will this always remain the same, or continue to change?

Tritonal (Chad): I think that’s a great question, and probably different for everyone. Its really just a positive group of people who love music as much as we do, and who love sharing it with others. We celebrate life, and love music on a much deeper level than just party music. Music has the power to heal, to remind us of how short and precious life is, and to celebrate great times with friends. We love what we do, and we love our fans!!

Tritonal Social Media | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Paris Blohm Social Media | Facebook | Soundcloud

Sterling Fox Social Media | Facebook | Soundcloud

Tritonal & Paris Blohm feat. Sterling Fox – Colors | Out Now on Island Dance Records

Interview done by Koji Cossetta

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