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Sydney Blu

Sydney Blu Biography:

Born in Canada and currently living in Miami, Sydney Blu’s career is known for big singles and non stop touring. She even has had a chart-topping track ‘Give It Up For Me’ which became one of Beatport’s highest selling songs and making Sydney the only female electronic producer to ever have a top 10 hit on the website. Ms. Blu moved to Miami in 2010 and became the resident DJ at the world renowned club ‘Mansion Miami’. Sydney Blu has played to crowds all over the world performing in places like Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Mexico, Tunisia, Pakistan, etc. We had the huge opportunity to ask Sydney some questions and this is how it went.

Damaged Goods Sydney Blu – Damaged Goods

How has gaining recognition from the likes of Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Paul Van Dyk influenced your music in your productions and stage presence?

Recognition definitely helps confidence. I wouldn’t say it has influenced my stage presence but it definitely helped with my confidence as a producer.

What does it mean to you to be one of the few female acts in electronic music, does being female set you back at all or help you in this industry?

If you don’t look at yourself as a female artist it’s probably best. As soon as you start thinking like that, it becomes difficult. I’m an artist…thats pretty much the way I look at myself.

You have traveled all over the world, where are the best looking guys?

Haha! Denver (my boyfriend lives there).

Producing, DJ’ing, and managing a record label is no easy task ; yet it speaks volumes for your passion of music, how do you balance your time perfecting each element?

Having a good team is key. I tried to do it all and as things got busier it became more and more harder to balance it all myself. Right now I have an incredible management team, agent and label manager to help me get it all done.

Up and Comer, Trent Cantrelle, has had major success under your label Blu Music, most notably with the track “I Want to Freak” reining Number 1 on beatport for over 3 weeks. Can you tell us about some other up and comers you feel will soon be making a dramatic impact in the EDM scene?

I love Christian Falero – he is prob my favorite new producer right now. I obviously work with him a lot..but I also love his solo material. I have signed a bunch of his new stuff to Blu Music…I can’t wait for people to hear it.

How has the move from Canada to Miami helped your career progression?

It’s definitely been amazing. It made me get known in the US very quickly. I have toured here so much in the past couple years and made such great friends and connections all over the US.

Describe an average night for you at your residency at Mansion in Miami. Does the crowd change and evolve the more you perform there?

Mansion is wicked. Especially since it changed to Mansion 360. Performers and lighting are amazing and the crowd is always up for it.

Last November you had the opportunity to join Deadmau5 on his Meowingtons Hax Tour in Toronto. Playing in front of 25,000 plus people is truly amazing in any artists career, explain the feelings and emotions that were going through your head during that show.

I was a little nervous because it was so many people..and normally never get nervous! My whole family came..it was truly a special night. It was the biggest dance event in Canadian history so it was a landmark night for dance music in general.

Any new productions coming out from yourself or anything else you would like our viewers to know?

Yes well I just did a techy bootleg of A Different Gears ‘A Little Bit Paranoid’ that you can actually download that for free right off my soundcloud HERE. Also, I have a big Progressive record coming out on Blackhole Recordings called ‘Chemistry’ featuring Lea Luna, and it is a collab with Christian Falero as well.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and an exclusive mix, we know you are a busy woman.

No problemo..I love techy anything

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