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Stefano Noferini

Stefano Noferini Biography:

In an industry that many only last for a few short years at the top, Stefano Noferini has managed to stay abreast with some of biggest names in dance music for over three decades and is often thought of as a DJ’s Dj. He started his record label Deeperfect in 2003 and has since released over 500 tracks by artists UMEK, Stephan Bozdin, Nicole Moudaber, Dj Chus, Mihalis Safras, Mr. Bizz, Hollen, Wally Lopez, Zoo Brazil Mladen Tomic, Raul Mezcolanza, Groovebox and many others.  Notably he was named as Beatport’s  “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2010 and was nominated as “Artist of the Year” in 2011. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with him last week for an exclusive interview, discussing the dance music scene, past and present, where he got his start and also some production tips.


Techibeats (TB): Hi Stefano, Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us! Jumping right into it here, what was it that first got you into music and did you know from the start that you would make a life-long career out of it?

Stefano Noferini (SN): What made me begin my career was my overwhelming passion for music, including every aspect of the production of electronic music and performing as a DJ. What makes me carry on after so many years? The same thing, my passion for music.

TB: What were you spinning when you first started compared to now?

SN: Everything sounds so different but in the end it’s mostly the same music. It’s like fashion, everything comes and goes, then comes back around. Only names change: the music that we call deep house now, in the ’90’s or ’80’s was simply house. I began playing a lot of funk and soul music and I still love to play this now.

TB: I had the pleasure to see you play when you were in Chicago this summer and it was an amazing set. How do you compare the state of electronic music in the US to Europe? Do you think the US has finally got “IT” or are we still not quite there?

SN: There’s still a big difference. Europe is “older”, in the tech – tech house field. Obviously in the past USA was avantgarde in this kind of music, but then it evolved into hip hop, electro and then EDM. So it lost a bit of taste, it remained alive only in the underground… But I’m talking about the past. In the last 3 – 5 years the scene in the US has seen a substantial evolution…

TB: Having traversed the globe playing festivals and night clubs everywhere, which nightclubs or festivals are your favorites to play at?

SN: It’s very hard for me to choose only some of the festivals… Every performance was unique and magical. With regards to the clubs, in some I perform about 2 – 3 times a years, the audience really expects my music and to play for them gives me such a great feeling…

TB: You released “Extraluv” at the end of July and “Gate” at the end of August what’s next for you? Is there a possibility of a full length album or are those days dead for you?

SN: The concept, for me as an artist, is not dead at all. For me an album for a DJ or a musician is the maximum form of expression… and I’m working so hard on my next double album (cd, vynil and digital), that will be released at the end of 2015. It will be an introspective journey into my music, full of dance but with other music too… For instance there will be some classical music with a techno twist…

TB: Looking through the list of all the producers you have worked with, who has been your favorite to collaborate with and why?

SN: Every collaboration was really positive, from the ones with top DJs as Umek and Mark Knight, to the ones with new talents as Paco Maroto and Samuel Dan…

TB: Who have you not had a chance to work with that you have wanted to?

SN: Giorgio Moroder

TB: What advice do you have for young DJs as they start to follow their passion for electronic music?

SN: Expand your music culture. If you want to be a DJ you have to know a lot of music, the more music you listen to the better is for you and your audience. All the rest follows.

TB: Finally with such smooth and clean productions what tips do you have for young producers?

SN: I can’t give a precise tip. When you compose and produce music you have your own personal mood. You cannot say “do this, do that” or produce / compose by commission. At least, I can’t do it like that.

Stefano’s Social Media Links | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Interview and Article by Alex Dstruct Newman

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