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Nervo Biography:

Mim (right) and Liv (left) Nervo, better known as NERVO, have made an incredible mark on the EDM industry, not only for being amongst the most successful females but also for being multi-talented songwriters and producers. Hailing from a packed background and past with music that began in their latter teens, they show their versatility having penned hits with popstar queens such as Nicole Scherzinger, Kylie Minogue, Kesha, Jennifer Hudson and even David Guetta. These Australian twins are on what it seems to be a never ending power surge. Always upholding the best composure and attitudes, these two have become not only EDM gurus, but also role models to their fans. We were lucky enough to sit down with them and chat for a little interview before their show at Mecca Nightclub in Prague, Czech Republic.

First, I just wanted to thank you for sitting down with us today and telling us a little about yourselves.

Of course! It is nice to hear some American voices after traveling throughout Europe for so long. This is an exciting night for us because it is our first time playing in Prague.

Mim and Liv, you just released “Something to Believe In” with Norman Doray as well as “Reason” with Hook N Sling, which currently sit at #27 and #7 on Beatport Top 100. How does this make you feel?

It feels incredible. Both of those tracks we wrote a little while ago, so we are happy we could finally release them. Because we have to go through our labels to release tracks, it can often take a lot of time till they are finally released. We are really excited about “Something to Believe In” in particular because it was just released and our fans having been giving us great feedback on it.

You have one of the most innovative and unique fashion styles. Is it your career in modeling that has a lot to do with this?

It’s funny because we were never really “models.” We did not walk the runways or anything like that, however now that our career has really taken off we have been offered more and more modeling opportunities. As far as our fashion styles, we’re girls, we like to have fun and dress up, but when we are on tour we basically live out of two suitcases, so we have to pack for casual outings as well as our shows.

Can you explain how your styles vary as individuals?

As far as our individual styles I (Liv) enjoy wearing hats, it goes well with my long hair and has always been apart of my style. Mim loves her vests, not only are they stylish but they are very comfortable. I (Mim) like to wear them on airplanes and bus rides cause I can snuggle up and fall asleep easily, plus a hat would ruin my hair and we can’t have that!

You have spent time touring with Britney Spears and have also shared the stage with the likes of Afrojack. How does the overall vibe, energy level, and atmosphere change between the two environments?

They are completely different tours. On Britney’s tour, it was an arena tour and the crowd was a much younger, ‘girlier’ crowd. It was also a dry tour, compared to playing alongside Afrojack who loves to party. They are both great in their own ways, but we do love the club world and club environment. It’s fun and allows us to interact with fans on a more personal level.

You two are amazing songwriters, singers, and producers. Give us an idea of an average studio session together. Does one of you specialize on the vocal aspect compared to the melodies or beats, or do you work together the whole way through?

We really focus on working together in the studio. Sometimes one of us will come to the other with an idea or concept, but we really vibe well off one other. Often times we will split up and work with a different band or artist for a little while then come together and create one track out of it, it’s a neat and fun process. Overall, it takes us two to four hours to work on a track. However our ideal situation would give us 2-3 days in the studio. Right now that is tough due to traveling and touring so often.

Seeing as you girls are twin sisters, do you ever get into any good family arguments?

Oh yeah, totally. We are sisters, so we are going to have our arguments, but that’s what makes things exciting. If we didn’t fight it would be weird.

Do you sing your own vocals for your tracks? If so, would you ever consider doing a live show while DJ’ing?

It really depends on the track if we sing or not. For example, we have a new unreleased song called “Army” with Omarion, which we are singing on; but it really just depends. We enjoy singing, however we don’t want our fans to view us as singers, rather producers. From time to time, we will sing over our tracks when we are DJ’ing, but we couldn’t see ourselves doing a live performance. We want to be viewed as DJ/producers, not as singers.

Seeing as DJ ‘ing is your most recent step in your career, how have you dealt with the transition of primarily working only behind the scenes to now being the focal point for an audience? What do you like more, producing or performing?

It has been a relatively easy transition for us. We have been working in the music industry for over 7 years now. Working with singers/songwriters such as the Pussy Cat Dolls and Kesha, and also writing tracks with David Guetta. The only thing that has changed is having our name on the tracks instead of being in the small print. DJ’ing was new to us at first, but with the help of David Guetta and others it was a smooth and fun transition. We love producing, but there is no better feeling that performing in front of thousands of people seeing the smiles on their faces.

If you had to give us one quote to describe the NERVO way of life, what would it be?

A little bit nuts. We like to have fun, goof off, and live life.

What can we expect for the future of NERVO?

We are currently working on new tracks, such as the one we mentioned earlier titled “Army”. We are also working on new ways to expand our sound – we want our sound to keep growing and evolving. In a couple of weeks we will be in LA where we plan to work on a lot of our new projects.

Thank you for your time, good luck tonight!

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Photography by: Laina Petrinec.
Video Editing/ Interview Recorded by: Matthew Worley.

– See more at: https://www.techibeats.com/artist-interviews/nervo#.Us8JQ2RDuFc

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