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LA Riots

LA Riots Biography:

So tell us a little about yourself? (hometown, how long have you been producing and djing)

  •   I currently live in Los Angeles, it’s the place I’ve lived the longest in my life, I’ve grown up around the world, I was born in New Zealand, I’m Malaysian, I’ve kind of lived everywhere like Hawaii, Utah, Florida, North Carolina, Massacheuts.

What was your inspiration to get into the electronic music scene?

  •  Well I have been in it since the Mid- 90’s, about 19-20 years now, back than it was like actually not as popular as it is now, I was into Drum n Bass, I actually played a Drum n Bass edit tonight(NRG) of my own draft.  


If you don’t mind me asking why did you stop djing and producing in 2001?

  •  I was just doing Drum n Bass and it was just kind of like a hobby, and I just needed a break, I didn’t do it for a living back than, now its what I do.


What genre of edm did you first start experimenting with?

  •   I mean when I got back into it in 2007, it was more of like this Indie sound, like justice, and masterkraft, also Hot chip and Bloc Party kinda stuff, it was more of a band orientated side, kind of like a Nu- disco of today and than it just kept progressing and progressing to where it is now. I feel like there are no real genre’s anymore, like Ill make a big room track and than ill make something trap influenced, and progressive or electro, I don’t even know what electro is anymore to be completely honest.


Do you get nervous or have any pre-show rituals that you do?

  • I actually was like pretty nervous I have a documentary along my side today, and I gave my tip to the camera saying before you play take a piss, always take a piss even if you don’t have to go, go in and force it, I actually get nervous when it’s a big event like this like, when it’s a club it’s a little more of a controlled environment, like tonight there was a slight delay in the monitors, when your using serato you can compensate by that by looking at the computer screen but when your mixing off of ear you cant really compensate you have to kill the bass, bring in a track and theirs not a kick that you can hear the snare was slightly off, so you just need to nudge it to where it needs to be and than once you feel comfortable you kick the bass up so it’s a little nerve racking it throws you off your game you have to concentrate more. So when I have to play these types of events I’m usually nervous about that, and the crowd doesn’t know any better so you get up there and you train wreck a beat a little bit because the monitors are messed up its not because the monitors are messed up to them its that you suck that’s what there going to say, So I’ve gotten to a point in my career now that when I used to be in New Jack doing this, I would get really frustrated and my set would just suck the entire time because id be so nervous up there and I just wanted to get it over with and now I just cope with it I’m good at dealing with things.


What was the inspiration behind the name LA Riots?

  •  Did a remix for Steve Aoki for a band called the skinners  turned it in he loved it, it was supposed to be on a maxi single it was going to be the last track on a maxi single which included remixes from like young Americans who are now classics, A- trak, the teenager, a bunch of people this was in 2007 and I turned into him he loved it so he asked what do we call you and I had a partner at the time  and we didn’t have a name so he gave us to the end of April and  he said we had 30 days to come up with a name and we couldn’t come up with a name and on one of the last days it was the 15th  year anniversary of the LA Riots so it was all over the news and we said that it would be the filler name on this thing that we might not do anymore, it was basically like an accident we didn’t think a week later people would be hitting us up like kylie Minogue or any of these big fucking record labels would be knocking on our door saying hey, I remember I had a meeting with Atlantic or Warner, and this is really funny it was 2007 and the A & R’s would just call us into there office to come and talk to us, so whenever they needed something from us  they would already have this relationship set up with us, I remember I went to the record label and I went in there sat in the office this was long before Skrillex, or anything so I’m sitting down talking to the guy and I look over and there’s this head shot of Sonny(skrillex) and im like that’s the guy from first to last, and there like “yah hes trying to get into electronic music” and I was like oh that’s cool but that was 2007 and he didn’t blow up till like 2011, so yah that’s how the name came about and it stuck now here I am 8 years later


What setting/atmosphere do you prefer when debuting your music in a massive production setting or smaller clubs/venues?  

  • I like smaller clubs I can hear it a little bit better like when your up on stage playing like honestly if you cut the monitors it sounds like shit like to you cause nothings facing you all the speakers are facing out especially when you play bigger events there way up above you so if I hear anything it sounds like a bounce back of all the different sounds bouncing off the walls back together so you don’t really hear much going on you can judge the reaction of the crowd but I like doing it in clubs better.


Are there any certain Producers that you look up to you, or that have helped you along the way reach your goals in this industry?

  •   I really do look up to the drum n bass producers especially like current people I’m really into, I’m fortunate enough to live in downtown LA, and like carnage is playing right now I run into him on the street all the time he lives a block from me. My building is popular Congorock lives in my building, Dave Nada from Nadastrom and Sabo lives in my building, AC Slater just moved two buildings over, 12th planet lives in the next building over, Julio from GTA just looked at my building the other day, Skrillex lives in the neighborhood bare lives up  the street, Jeremy from shiny toy guns I passed the other day, so ill go over to the compound which is 12th planets place, I went over there the other day and benny from jack beats was over there, Skrillex was over there, sometimes Killagrahm will be over there, Loudpack as well was over there we had a hangout/DJ sesh so LA is really cool like that, and that’s the thing like drum n bass back in the day I felt like there was a lot of competition especially the UK guys and the US guys and there’s not that in this its all good, there’s enough cake to go around for everyone.


What producer would you like to do a collab with in the future that you haven’t already?

  • I don’t really know any of those guys I just named there all my homies, I just had that kamikaze track come out, and I played an edit tonight from twoloud I heard they did an edit on it I don’t know those guys but I just hit them up and they DM’d it to me so I was really stoked.


Who is your favorite artist at the moment?

  •  I’ve always been a fan of Thomas gold, and I really like the stuff he puts out, huge fan of Thomas Gold he’s a really great DJ.


What up and comer do you think has the potential to become the next big thing?

  • Its interesting because I have helped out a few people when I see some potential, just because like I’m a little older and I like helping out people but Paris Blohm. Paris used to deliver food at this place in LA and he”d sometimes only make twenty dollars a day and a friend posted a track when he went by the name parasite on facebook, and I told my friend to tell this kid (Paris) to send me that track he did than he continued to show me some more stuff and I liked it so much that I called my buddies over at interscope and said that this kid just sent me some stuff that is really good and I remember rehab was playing down in orange county, so I called Paris asking if he wanted to come with me, than I called my buddy at interscope to come as well, and than I got them both in the same car and had Paris play him all his stuff, I than told Paris to quit that shitty job I gave him a pair of CDJ’s 3000’s to use for a year, I also told him to not be on traktor anymore and to learn how to DJ, I gave him some tips introduced him to the dudes from interscope and literally they took him from there and signed him now the kid is literally just had his first number one on Hardwell’s label and everything he puts out is fucking great, there’s a track he did for his sister and I literally get goosebumps whenever I play that track, he might not even be a up and comer at this point.


How was your Coachella experience back in 2012?

  •  It was really good in a matter of fact the second weekend was really good because rehab got stuck on the way because he was pulled over for speeding so I got to play an extra half hour and people will always ask me what is your most memorable gig and I’m always like Coachella because I played second, a band played before me and I don’t even know who this band was but like literally the Sahara tent which is the biggest tent of them all literally had 50 people in it and than they broke down because they had to than bring out the DJ stuff so it was silent for about 15 minutes, but what was great was that the LA Times had a Coachella guide and on there day one column they said the first person you want to catch is LA Riots who is playing on the Sahara stage early in the day and I don’t know personally if it was because I was playing or if it was because it was in the middle of the fucking desert and people wanted to be in a tent but I went on and literally by my second song I filled the Sahara tent from front to back.


This is Kris Haddad with Techibeats thank you so much for your time….




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