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Kill Paris

Kill Paris Biography:

Future Funk DJ/Producer, Kill Paris, has been taking the dance music scene by storm in recent months. Following the release of his debut album, “Galaxies Between Us”, Kill Paris embarked on his North American tour where we, at Techibeats, recently had the pleasure of interviewing Corey Baker aka Kill Paris while he is in the midst of it. Check out the interview below where Kill Paris covers his tour, album, and more!

TB: Currently, you are on tour across the U.S. Could you update fans regarding your whereabouts and how the tour has gone this far?

KP: I think we’re about half way through now and it has been AMAZING! So much fun just hanging out in cities, meeting people, and swimming in random pools.

TB: Which city has been the craziest show to date?

KP: Woooo, I dunno about craziest, they’ve all been uniquely awesome!

TB: You recently released your full length debut album, Galaxies Between Us, which we got to hear and it is phenomenal and we would like to congratulate you on your work. What has the general response been to your debut album?

KP: Everyone who likes it likes it. And I like that.

TB: Is there any exciting news coming out of your own record label, Sexy Electric? 

KP: So much stuff coming up! Super excited about Alma’s new stuff coming out.

TB: What has the experience been like getting to work with Skrillex and the rest of the OWSLA gang?

KP: Awesome, all good dudes in gals.

TB: To someone who hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe your sound to them?

KP: It’s music, so just listen to it and if you dig it you dig it.

TB: What are your top 3 songs to play in your set?

KP: It’s always a choice at the end to play “Tearing up my heart” from backstreet boys, “careless whisper” from George Michael or “district sleeps alone tonight” from Postal Service

TB: With so many exciting, up and coming producers appearing, is there any particular artist(s) you hope to get in the studio with in the near future?

KP: Wrld, Manic Focus, Griz, Big G, Virtu

TB: Any originals, remixes and/or collaboration fans can get amped for?

KP: No

TB: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans that we haven’t covered yet?

KP: Thank you

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