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Joel Fletcher

Joel Fletcher Biography:

JOELF_2Last Friday marked the relaunch of newly renovated Avalon Hollywood. We were lucky enough to catch up with Melbourne artist Joel Fletcher before his set for Control Friday. From starting to DJ at the age of 14 and achieving his first club residency by the age of 16 to scoring first a double-platinum selling single (‘Bring It Back’ with Will Sparks), then a triple-platinum selling single (‘Swing’)  followed by a critically acclaimed debut North American tour at just 22 – Joel Fletcher’s rise to the top has been as swift as it has monumental. His latest single ‘Loco’ with Seany B has already been added to every major national radio network around Australia while his remix of Disclosure’s ‘Latch’ is being supported by Martin Garrix, Laidback Luke, Hardwell, Will Sparks and more. Below you will find the interview in text form.

Techibeats : How’s it going man, thanks for doing this interview. How has the American Tour been?

Joel Fletcher: It’s been really an amazing experience. The energy for the movement here is insane.

TB : Now that you’ve played here do you feel a difference of vibes and energy between Australia clubs and the U.S.

JF: In america the energy stays at the same level the whole set, they stay jumping the whole time. While as in Australia, they’re amazing, but they just dance and move the whole time. They don’t really jump the whole set. So that’s something I’ve really enjoyed about America, they energy is so high. It’s awesome.

TB : I’ve seen videos of Stereosonic and other festivals over in Australia and it looks like an insane experience. How is it to perform at the festivals over there?

JF: The festivals are always amazing, the energy is always there. I love it, it’s always a crazy time.

TB: What was your favorite part about the North American tour outside of the music and all the gigs you did?

JF: To to tell you what dude, I kinda regret it because we really didn’t have a ton of time to go see the sites. When you’re on tour, any down time you have you really just want to chill and sleep. The food is definitely really good here, really amazing. Earlier today though,  I was just up in San Francisco and we went and saw the Golden Gate Bridge which was definitely cool to see. Then we had to hop on a flight down here for the show.

TB: In terms of your music and sound, a lot of your earlier releases were minimal and techno. When you play shows here do you ever drop some of your older minimal tracks?

JF: It all depends on where I’m at. The vibe has to be proper, but whenever I play a minimal track it really takes me back to my roots. In Australia, especially Melbourne, you can play minimal at anytime because that’s really the origin of the melbourne sound. Any time, any club the crowd will be vibing with it.

TB: The Melbourne Bounce sound today certainly has that minimal feel to it, but do you remember when it started having that bigger sound with the more dutchy element to it?

JF: It’s funny, have you heard of Orkestrated? They’re really the  innovators of Melbourne bounce. They had that minimal aspect to it, but there was no dutchy element to it yet. I think Deorro, who was actually Tonic then,  really had a big influence on the sound and the Melbourne bounce movement. He started adding all these dutchy and rave synths to the more minimal melbourne bounce sound which really played a big part in it.  I was really inspired by Deorro and that’s when I started going more for that sound. Also, then Will Sparks came along and added his own flavor to the sound as well.

TB: That’s awesome. You had that collaboration with Deorro a couple years ago, how did that come about?

JF: So the story is I was playing in a side room at a local night club about 20 minutes from house and I discovered Deorro which he was (known as) Ton!c at the time and no one in Australia knew who he was.

I was honestly playing the majority of my set with Deorro tracks, and no one knew any different because we were in Australia and they didn’t know him at the time.

People were just amazed.  People ended up finding out about him more. I was playing this one track by him called “Big Fat” and people started to search it up. We became mates because I started getting him fans in Australia by playing out his tracks. We bonded really quick. For someone to be playing his tracks in another country when he wasn’t really quite big yet, he was very grateful and a humble dude. It was definitely a big thing for him.

TB: Absolutely, Deorro adds such another element to the Melbourne bounce sound, especially with his creative 4 bar switches and turn arounds. It’s really quite amazing.

JF: He’s honestly a good mate of mine, and I’ve collaborated with him. He’s also one of my biggest inspirations every time I listen to his music I lose my mind and freak out. He’s a freak dude. He’ll be at the top of it all real soon.

TB: Going double platinum with your Will Sparks Collaboration and then going triple with Swing, I can’t even imagine that feeling. How insane were those days?

JF: Honestly dude, I pretty much shit my pants. It was pretty insane.

TB: In terms of future releases do you have any new songs or collaborations you can talk about?

JF: Yeah I actually do. I have a follow up to “Bring it back” with Will Sparks. I’ve got another collaboration with Reece Low, we finished that one about two days ago. I’ve got another single coming out with a guy name Bobby Andonov who just got signed to Islands Def Jam records. It’s got a commercial vibe to it but it’s still got my feel to it. The breakdown is a edm happy vibe with amazing vocals, but the drop is me you know.

TB: Where are you off to next for shows, any big tour dates you having coming up?

JF: This is my second to last show here in America. I’m really excited for this set tonight.  Tomorrow night I’m in Washington D.C. and then I head to Europe for six weeks. So I’m really excited about that.

TB: That’s awesome man, I hope you kill it in Europe and Tonight. Thanks for everything , good luck tonight!

JF: Absolutely, thanks man. Rock it

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Interviewed by Conner Hatfield 5/9/14

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