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Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff Biography:

Much is left to be said about this man as he is better known as half of the British progressive house duo, Way Out West. Along side Nick Warren, the two rose to fame in the early 90s with the success of their chart topping hit “The Gift.” Since then Way Out West has released four studio albums and much of their music has been featured in prime-time television hits such as Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C. However let’s not distract your attention from our feature guest, I now shine the spotlight on Jody Wisternoff, an OG in the electronic dance music scene. It all began in 1986 when at the age of 13, Jody reached the finals of the DMC World DJ Championship and subsequently formed Tru Funk Posse with his brother Sam. Now with the success of Way Out West, Jody has gone back and forth between his collaborative efforts and solo work producing white label tracks and tracks on progressive label Anjunadeep. Just last month he released his debut solo album Trails We Blaze showing us that long-time producer/DJ is just now getting things going and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. Check out the interview after the jump!

Jody Wisternoff – No Longer Strangers (Original Mix) | Beatport
No Longer Strangers (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff – No Longer Strangers (Original Mix)

Techibeats: For quite some time now, you’ve been a force in the EDM scene, starting way back in 1988, what would you say has been the biggest change you’ve seen within electronic dance music. Has it changed for better or worse? Or do you think it hasn’t changed at all?

Jody: Haha, it’s changed massively in so many ways! Technology led of course, from the decline of sales to the improvement of computers, it’s a completely different world. In some ways better, in some ways worse, but I would like to think the quality of the music now is at an all time high!

Techibeats: What’s the longest you’ve ever spent on a single production and are there any in particular that mean the most to you?

Jody: I take absolutely ages to finish tracks, mainly because I think in order to gain a true perspective of something you have to live with it for a while. Road testing at weekends is vital, as is honest listening sessions at unusual times of the night. Some people write tracks in a few days, but I find when I do this they don’t have as much shelf life. “Starstrings” is a production I’m very proud of as I think it really helped establish me as an individual artist and not just half of ayOut West.

Techibeats: You have mentioned a love for hip-hop, can you tell us some of your favorite artists?

Jody: Eric B and Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Mantronix, Public Enemy, Run DMC, etc, etc.. The entire late 80s era of hip hop was incredible.

Techibeats: What are some of the differences of working in a collaborative group and working solo, and is there going to be an upcoming release from Way Out West?

Jody: Obviously the workload is doubled lol. It’s great working with Nick, but I also love doing solo stuff too as it really becomes more of a personal expression and in some ways is more satisfying when you come up with results. Just gotta be careful not to go too far up your own arse haha. Playing stuff to the label for feedback becomes way more crucial when working alone. Yes, me and Nick are working on new material as we speak and it’s sounding very exciting

Techibeats: It has been rather recent since you became a member of the Anjunadeep family, can you tell us what it means to you to be a part of such a powerhouse label?

Jody: It’s a great privilege to be involved with these guys. They are extremely professional, nice people and I love the direction deep is taking right now! I think they see me as kind of bridging the gap between the traditional prog vibe and the deeper house sound, and I’m happy to further my involvement with them. They also pay on time lol!

Techibeats: How is your new album different than your previous productions?

Jody: I think overall it has a warmer sound. The BPMs are generally lower though there are still a few 125 belters. I’ve also explored my dark side again, with some of the basslines and jungle influences, which harks back to my early days as a DJ. It’s more on the soulful tip compared to the epic vibe of a lot of the WOW stuff.

Techibeats: In your many years of DJing and producing, what are some flaws you’ve found about yourself?

Jody: As for DJing, maybe drinking too much on occasion and getting a little sloppy lol. However, it’s all part of the vibe and I don’t tend to dwell on the negative. Regarding production, I sometimes find it difficult to make my beats punch as hard as others, but it’s a constant learning curve I suppose..

Techibeats: Lastly, we just missed you in NYC at Dominion. How was that show and can we expect you back in the United States anytime soon?

Jody: See above lol. It was a great night though, cool venue and good people as always in NYC! Will def be back this year, work visa has been renewed so we are good to go

Be sure to pick up Jody’s hot new album Trails We Blaze right HERE on Beatport!

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