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Joachim Gaurard

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We were fortunate enough to get an interview with the one and only Joachim Garraud after his show in San Francisco. The man has not only influenced the way dance music has evolved but has worked with massive artists extending from David Guetta to Kylie Minogue. If you haven’t read the review of his show the other night in San Francisco click here to check it out.

Hello Joachim, I’m Ricky Zona with Techibeats.com how are you doing today?

Good, good

What kinds of sounds or artists are influencing your music at the moment?

haha, producing or releasing? Actually, Ive been listening to a lot of tracks from dimmak productions. Let’s say it’s a new electronic sound.

How do you manage a balance between studio time and touring?

I’m able to produce a lot of tracks with my laptop, which is my best friend ever, so I’m only able to do 1 – 2 gigs per day. The rest of the time is spent between traveling and trying to finish the projects that I’ve been working on once I’m back in the studio. I usually have about 25 tracks that I’m working on and from there I finish the 10 best.

What part of music production do you find the most difficult?

The thing is, sometimes; I’m producing a track with Akon, so I just listen to some pieces from his voice and I have a lot of inspiration from his voice for the tracks. Let’s say I’m doing tracks without the vocal, the majority of my inspiration comes from the synthesizer sounds. These can give me the inspiration because I’m just trying to create new sounds. Sometimes, only the sounds are the only inspiration I need to produce a new track.

You use the Keytar during your DJ sets, which is personally my favorite part of your performances, what is your favorite song you like to play at the moment?

What I really like with the keytar? The keytar is like an instrument from the “past”, from the 80’s. I really like to collaborate music from the future with the music in the past. When I’m playing live, I like to play “smoke on the water”, Coldplay, and rage against the machine. I really think it’s important, and leads to new songs when you play the baseline from a really famous song and go from there. It adds to the performance. I like to play very classical rock or famous songs.

Based on current trends, where do you see the electronic music scene going?

I don’t know what’s going to happen with producing in the USA. Everything goes so fast, it’s really crazy. I remember when I stopped here on a tour 5 years ago, electronic music wasn’t so big. Now electronic music is everywhere, TV, radio, it’s everywhere. Now the electronic stages at festivals are bigger than the main events at the festival. That’s really crazy. I’m moving too Miami with my family in July for 2-3 years, because I’m building a very cool electronic production/recording studio in the club Amnesia in Miami. If you come to do a show there in the afternoon, you will be able to make a track during the day and you’ll be able to play that track at night at the club.

Do you prefer to play big events like Coachella and Electric Zoo or do you like smaller venues?

I like both because they are really not the same thing. It is very exciting to play something like Coachella or electric zoo, because you have a crowd of 50,000 -80,000. It’s very big. As to, sometimes you are in a club with 3,000 people, but because you are closer to people and there is people everywhere around you it is a very different feeling. I like both. A dream for me is playing a big festival during the day and playing a club at night. I think that’s the best.

Your “invasion” tour involves video and live music all while you are Dejaying, did you come up with the theme and idea of it yourself or did someone else?

That’s my idea from a long time ago because 6 years ago I met the pioneer of the DVJ. I was the first Dj to work with that. I made some very good contacts there. Now, I’m working with Serrato and we’ve created some amazing products. Because now for the first time, the DJ can play with the Serrato software with a plug in that will allow the DJ be able to control the visuals, effects and lights live on stage. I plan on showing all the DJ’s next March at the Winter Music Festival and show them the future of DJ’ing. I’m very proud of that.

What is the biggest challenge facing new producers/DJ’s today?

The biggest challenge, is too be able to do everything at the same time. Production, live performances and having a family with kids. This is my biggest challenge everyday, try to keep everything on the same level without going to far in the professional way and forgetting about my private life.

What advice would you give to new producers right now?

A lot of young people, young Dj’s come to me, “hey can you give me the anecdote to be a producer? Because I saw some movies, news on what to do. Can you show me?” The kind of advice, I’m going to give a young producer; is to spend about 24 hours a day with your computer, because this is the number 1 thing that makes everything for your music. You need to have your own sound and own track because with the internet most people can buy music and do the same old thing. If you create your own sound you can make a difference. The only way you can make a difference or create a new sound, is make your own track, own song. Number 2, is try to find a different way to produce music in front of the audience, like the keytar.

Thank you for your time Joachim we know your a busy man.

No problem, Hope I see you on the dance floor soon

For more information on Joachim Garraud and his Invasion tour check out his Facebook Page and Twitter page. Also make sure you buy his music on his Beatport Page.

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