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Jack Beats

Jack Beats Biography:

Recently the bass music Duo of Jack Beats came to Denver Colorado to rock Beta Nightclub. The house was absolutely packed, and you could really sense the anticipation. They came on at about 12 to an eagerly awaiting crowd, and from the first moment on they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Their hard hitting set featured drum and bass, dubstep, electro and bass heavy house tracks that had the crowd jumping from the minute they started. Before these two rocked the house they were nice enough to sit down with us for an interview. Check it out after the jump!

Jack Beats – End Of Love (Original Mix) | Beatport

End Of Love (Original Mix) Jack Beats – End Of Love (Original Mix)

How did you come together and start djing/producing together?

Niall: Mutual Respect for beer [laughs]. We were just good friends.
Beni: Long time friends, we used to make music seperately and we just decided to jump in the studio together one time and it just worked right away.
Niall: Yeah it really just worked a lot better when we did it together than when we did it seperately.

Describe your sound?

B: Generally bass music.
N: I suppose bass lead house music. I guess it started as fidget, but that’s probably not really what we do any more.
B: A sort of forward thinking hybrid sound, because we just take loads of shit from everywhere and bring it into ‘house’.

How did the name Jack Beats come about?

N: Well it was a bit of a joke really. We were working on two different projects at the time we started to make music together and we were pretty removed from the house world, but we kind of wanted to do that. Back then, four four music still had a bit of a negative stereotype in the scenes we were involved with so we needed an alias.
B: With Jack Beats we could pretend it was just one person and just go anonymously. It derived from a sort of hip hop term, ‘jacking the beats’, and we just sort of truncated it into Jack Beats.
N: We didn’t really stick with being anonymous for very long though [laughs].

Describe how you two work together as a team when you are djing?

B: We are both mixing at the same time. That is the way we have always DJed, we have always played in DJ crews with multiple turntables at the same time. It’s quick, when one person is finishing the other is bringing a new track in. Kind of hip hop style DJing.

Tell us a little bit about what we can expect for the upcoming album.

N: It’s a little strange because it is the first album so there are some tracks that have already come out, our kind of classic tunes that need to be on the album. So there are two or three things that have come out before and there are ten more tracks that are brand new. The new tracks are our sound, that has just developed a bit. Some is pretty hard, some is pretty chill, but we wanted to make it so you could listen to it and not just rave to it. It is really a mix of everything we have done up until this point.

Tell us your craziest party story?

B: [laughs] We have been on the road for a long time so we have some good ones. One time we partied at P Diddy’s house, that was pretty crazy.
N: Yeah that was really weird.
B: But we have to keep the really good ones under the hat.

So you guys have your leather jackets, the raw denim, a fresh pair of kicks. Rockstars have their typical style, speak on DJ’s, their style and your style.

B: Well we like certain shit, you know supremes and our leather jacket look.
N: We like our high end stuff for sure.
B: Whenever we go into the big cities we always like to check out the cool stores. I guess we just like to look fly if we can.

Do you guys prefer festivals or a club like Beta?

N: They are different, like for a festival you will probably play a slightly different set because the vibe is a totally different thing, but it is so amazing. At the same time there are things that you can never take away from doing a club like this; you can see everybody, you can catch the vibe and really work with the crowd were at a festival you feed the crowd.
B: At a festival you kind of have to play a festival that reflects your big tunes and give the people the bangers, were at a club you can experiment a lot more.

Outside of music, what is your ideal day?

B: Well we both love food so probably try to hit our favorite restaurants.
N: Yeah, and try to do that near a beach.
B: And then like a skydive.
N: I might go in Branson’s space plane.

Do you have any advice for up and comers?

B: Just have fun with it, dont be to serious to start out with it. Really focus on enjoying your self. In terms of production try to be original.
N: If you want to do really well expect to work really hard.
B: Yeah we are working all hours of the day, but it is worth it.
N: I am a firm believer that anyone can do it. Everyone can get their hands on the tools and with hard work and enjoying it I think anyone can do it.

– See more at: https://www.techibeats.com/artist-interviews/jack-beats#.Us8BnWRDuFc

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