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Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom Biography:


Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, together known as the L.A. based, Israeli mega legends, Infected Mushroom, never seize to expand the limitless horizons of eccentric dance music. Having been voted twice into DJ Magazine’s top 10 DJs in the world list and having infiltrated the ever so respected charts of Beatport, the legendary duo will forever be known as the leading innovators of Psychedelic (Psy) Trance, a unique genre incorporating nostalgic sounds relevant to the Woodstock days with the high energy of modern trance music. Our very own Oregon State representative, TC Bruggere, was lucky enough to speak with the humble duo, so continue reading to hear their inevitably enlightening view on multiple aspects of the modern day craze known as EDM.

Interview conducted by: TC Bruggere

Last May you released your 8th album titled Army Of Mushrooms. Has it been difficult to please a fan base that has come to know and love albums like Vicious Delicious, and still grow and develop your sound?

There will always be die-hard Psy fans that aren’t happy with us exploring other genres of EDM… but since the dawn of IM, we have continued to push our niche project to the forefront of this scene by always evolving our sound & style. What we focus on is making quality dance music that makes people go mental. This is our goal, and at the end of the day, I think fans are happy with the result.

Not only did you release a new album last year but a new stage set up as well (that is visually stunning), taking a step away from your traditional analog set up that you have been know for. Was that a tough decision to make?

It wasn’t a tough decision to make, but it was a tough project to establish. We had a strong team created with Vita Motus & V-Squared Labs – they handled the design, fabrication, and media development of our crazy 3D-mapped, projection-based, visual journey. Since we started creating this new stage-performance, we have overcome a lot of obstacles and learned a lot of lessons. We are just happy that there is hype around the show, and that we are finally touring this bad boy around the states. We are looking forward to bringing it next to Israel and Europe – so stay tuned!

I also noticed that you have been using The Emulator, which is a very large glass DJ controller that looks like something straight out of Star Trek. Other artists such as, Deadmau5 have been seen using this futuristic device. What have been some of the advantages of using The Emulator in comparison to more traditional DJ controllers?

We like this controller for a few reasons. First, it is mysterious; not many DJ’s use this, and it is rather interactive since the audience can see what is happening from their end. Second, the Emulator is aesthetically pleasing. Our stage is about visuals, and nothing compliments the amazing projection media like a futuristic, glass, touch screen controller that looks like its straight out of Minority Report. Third, it gives me (Duvdev) something to do besides sing. I can help with effects, sampling, samples, etc. which gives a new dynamic to our live performance as a whole.

What genres of music do you listen to outside of EDM? Do you draw a lot of inspiration from those genres?

We like heavy-rock, old-school hip hop, downtempo, electro, dubstep, trap, big room progressive house – we dig it all, except maybe country music.

You guys have played at a wide variety of different festivals and events. Do you prefer to play large events, or do you like the intimacy of a smaller venue and crowd?

Both of these scenarios have their benefits. We absolutely love the vibe of a 600-cap venue where we can give high-fives to the front row while having panties thrown at us. We also love the sight of a sea of people tens-of-thousands-thick with their hands in the air. We don’t prefer one over the other, they both are amazing for their own reasons.

Any up and coming artists that you guys think people should be keeping an eye on?

There are tons of good ones out there. Some who come to my mind: Opiuo, The M Machine, Shreddie Mercury, and Randy Seidman.

Both of you grew up in Israel and had to spend two years in the military. What was that experience like? Did it have a big impact on you as musicians?

Well, we were both classically trained from an early age, so we were already very into music by the time our draft papers came – we had played in bands, etc. For clarification, men have to spend three years in the Israeli military, from the age of 18 until the age of 21. Erez got a pass due to illness, so he was able to use that time to excel in the then bourgeoning Israeli-Trance scene. I (Duvdev) served my three years, and when my service was complete, I was able to do some traveling to places like India, which really influenced my desire to be an electronic musician.

What has been one of your best moments as Infected Mushroom?

If I had to choose one professional moment, I’d say playing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro with the Black Eyed Peas for hundreds of thousands of people. If I had to choose one personal moment, I’d say the birth of our children (we both have two little kids with our beautiful loving wives).

If you could collaborate with any musician in history who would it be?

Probably Les Claypool from Primus. I think we could come up with something pretty gnarly if we put our heads together.

What’s one of the craziest things that happened to you guys in the last year?

We starting touring Fungusamongus (our new crazy visual stage) which was over a year in the making. We are happy it has been met with such a positive response from the industry, and we look forward to bringing our new stage to a city near you!
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