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Henrix Biography:


Miami based house dj/producer Henrix came onto the scene a few years back thanks to a handful of notable tracks that landed on the ADE Charts and since then he has only been progressing. Henrix already boasts releases on various labels including: SIZE RECORDS, Mixmash, Universal Republic, and Flamingo Recordings. In addition to his production work he also stays busy behind the decks, holding a residency in Vegas and also keeping up with a touring schedule. We recently had a chance to sit down with Henrix and ask him a few questions. Here’s how it went…

Techibeats: This past year, you were given a Las Vegas residency at LIGHT Nightclub in the Mandalay Bay. One of the most intriguing aspects of LIGHT is that it is put on by the people who created Cirque du Soleil. How have the creators incorporated the show’s mind-boggling creativity, artistry, acrobatic skills, etc. with the extraordinary DJs/dance music to create a night life experience unlike any other?

 Henrix: Oh its insane! The performance they put on is on another level. I love Light, their production for the shows is amazing. What the Cirque Du Soleil acrobats do is ridiculous . I sometimes catch myself in the middle of my sets just staring at them because of how amazing they are, I’m a huge fan!

TB: With two shows left scheduled for you at LIGHT, Dec. 20th, 2014 and Jan. 14, 2015, will we see your residency continue on into the New Year after your final show is complete or should fans anticipate a change of scenery for your performances in Las Vegas?

H: Yes tonight will be my last show of 2014 but my residency in Vegas will continue there for 2015! So whenever you’re in Vegas and I’m there you know where to come 😉

TB: Last Monday, December 22nd, you released your track titled “Light” on Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo Recordings label. What has the experience been like working alongside/learning from the legend himself?

 H: Fedde is a true legend. One of my favorite Producers and DJs ever. I started listening to his music ever since ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. Always loved everything that comes from his label and it was an honor to release ‘Light” on there!

TB: The passion and pride you have for the legacy and culture of dance music is evident in your track “Light”, which you recently state that you drew inspiration from the Daft Punk of the late 90’s and early 2000s. Which other artists do you looks towards for inspiration when creating a new song?

H: Yes, Light was inspired by the old sound of Daft Punk, I really wanted to educate the new dance music fans on that sound. A lot of them didn’t get t experience it. As far as who I get inspiration from, I really don’t get it from any specific artist but actually from many different artists and genres. Believe it or not I can get inspiration from a Hip Hp song and make a dance track. People sometimes think you can only get inspiration in dance from other dance tracks and I believe that the best inspiration comes from other genres.

TB: 2014 has been a big year for you as an artist. With 2015 approaching, what is your New Years Resolution to help better the world of dance music and/or better yourself as an artist?

H: Ah yes 2014 has been crazy! In 2015 I definitely want to do both. Help educate the community but also grow as an artist. This will be the year you will see a lot of non EDM tracks from my end. I will never stop making Dance music but I’m going to branch out into other genres. I want to explore different ideas and prove to myself I can be a diverse artist and succeed at it.

 TB: Where can fans of Henrix find you when the clock hits 12:00 and the ball drops on New Years? Will you be out performing a show or just taking it in with the loved ones in your life?

H: New years I decided to stay with the family this year. Took a break in the end of the year as the touring has been pretty crazy this year

TB: For 2015, what does the New Year have in store for Henrix and your fans? Any future collaborations in the making? Will you be performing at any festivals?

 H: Both! A lot of new collabs and solo originals, different sounds and lots of touring! Cant wait to show everyone what I got in store 😀

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