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Figgy Biography:


Hailing from the East Coast of the United States, up and coming producer Figgy has already made some big waves in his career. With a number of original singles, remixes, and dj mixes for numerous online publications already under his belt, Figgy doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. With the deeper, melodic sounds starting to gain some attention from the masses we are going to start to see some rather unique producers come into the spotlight and Figgy is definitely one of them. We recently had a chance to sit down and ask him a few questions, here are how things went…

Techibeats: Tell us a little bit about your background, where are you from and what first drew you into dance music?

Figgy: I’m originally from Massachusetts, and had my first introduction to electronic music in High School through artists like Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, Sasha and even Phish. 

TB: How long have you been dj/producing for? Has it always been the same focus or did you have to bounce around genres to really find your own sound?

F: I started producing in 2007, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I had formal music training, but not in production. At the time I was really into jazz and was making like experimental jazz /electronic music. That same year I discovered Dubstep (the deeper stuff before it went super fratty) and that’s really when I started to dig deeper into dance music. From bass music I found my way to garage, house and disco. So yeah, it took some exploring to find out who I was. 

TB: Your newest EP, titled “Missing You” features a handful of chilled out house tracks and came out earlier in October 2014 on your own new label, Cut & Dry. How has the response on the “Missing You” EP been so far?

F: It’s been great. While it is on the chiller side, they definitely work on the dance floor when played at the right time.

TB: Along with the new EP, you also recently put out a new mix with THUMP’s ON DECK series. How did the song selection for this mix work and when can we expect to see those 5 new ones released?

F: I wanted to keep it equal parts feel good and vibey. I’ll be releasing the new ones as free downloads starting very soon. 

TB: Which piece of music that you have created are you most proud about and why?

F: As a producer the most exciting thing is how you change and grow. It’s like every time you work on music it changes you forever. I do have my favorites but I can’t pick out a single tune. 

TB: We love your single “Can’t Hide” which samples the classic CeCe Peniston track, “Finally”, how did the idea for this single come about?

F: Thanks! That one was a lot of fun. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different samples…I was probably listening to old 90s house that week. 

TB: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment so far in your music career?

F: Having the opportunity to travel around the country playing music and making new friends is pretty much the best thing ever. 

TB: What is next for Figgy? Plans for 2015?

F: Working with vocalists, some official remixes on deck, and more touring. 


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Interview By Cameron Windsor

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