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Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim Biography:

Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim is one of the biggest names in the EDM world. He was a pioneer of the big beat sound that broke into the mainstream media in the 1990′s . He has won a Grammy and endless amounts of MTV Video Music Awards. You know him from his amazing discography of massive songs like ‘Praise You’, ‘Rockerfeller Skank’ and ‘Right Here Right Now’. The guy is a true legend to the music world and it was a massive honor to interview him before his appearance on Holy Ship this weekend.

You were one of the first EDM producers to break into the mainstream, what do you think of House music and how it’s evolved to the mainstream level in the U.S?

Well, it’s taken a while to achieve mainstream success since most of the pioneers of the sound were americans in the mid 80’s! The next generation was the english invasion in the 90’s (myself/chemical bros/prodigy/basemant jaxx etc) We made sound progress but were always still a bit too edgy for mainstream radio. The final successful assault required the commercial weaponry of the europeans (guetta/swedish house mafia etc) and their alliance with the massed armies of the rap/r&b world to storm the citidel….

We know you have played at a lot of unique events but does Holy Ship take the cake?

I think on paper this one takes the biscuit (for now at least!) I’ve done water parks, igloos. Boat parties, Brazilian carnival floats and the toilets of manumission but never a full on rave cruise…

What’s the first thing that came to mind when HARD asked you to play on a cruise ship and private island?

First thought was ‘never ticked that box…could be fun’ …. it kinda all depended on the line-up (and hence the crowd). When I saw who else was on the bill it was a no brainer, hot dj’s, old friends, no egos and plenty of people I wouldn’t mind being stuck at sea with. Also I’ve played a few hard events and they are a great crew to work with..

Do you prefer playing big festivals or in smaller venues?

I like to mix both. Big festivals are exciting and I love doing the full production show with the visuals etc but you can only play the really big tunes and tend not to take many risks. Club shows are more intimate and vibey and I can wander off in more directions musically…

What made you choose the stage name Fatboy Slim? Is there a special reason why you chose it?

It just sounded good as an oxymoron…

You’ve had massive hits that have landed you a Grammy Award as well as numerous MTV video music awards, anything in the works right now that you’ll be releasing soon?

Bits and bobs with riva starr and beardy man and producing rizzle kicks but my head is in dj mode right now!

You have inspired so many producers with your music, have any new sounds or artists been inspiring you?

I love afrojack and chuckie especially when they forget being commercial and go a bit acid!

You combine so many sounds from so many different types of genre’s; is there any music that you don’t like?

I don’t really care for country and western…

You are one of the biggest names in the industry and will be forever, what advice can you give young producers that are trying to make it to the big show?

Always remember your job is to make people dance and smile and not to persuade them how clever or cool you are. Always look up at the crowd when you dj…..

What was your New Year Resolution? (If any)

to stop faffing around dj-ing round the world and get stuck into making a proper fat boy record!

Any big plans for 2012 that all your fans should know about?

My shows at the amex football stadium in brighton (big beach boutique 5, 1st & 2nd june) might possibly be the event of my career……

Thank you for your time we know you’re a busy man, it’s an honor to interview a legend like your self. Very much looking forward to see you perform on Holy Ship!

No problem. See you on the poop deck!

Make sure you keep up to date with Fatboy Slim through his Facebook Page and Twitter. Also check out his Beatport page and buy his music!

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