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Evil Twin

Evil Twin Biography:

We recently had the chance to sit down with up and coming producer Evil Twin. Hailing from the UK and now based in LA, Evil Twin has been making waves in the industry with his take on house music. Having won the Discovery Project of 2014, Evil Twin awarded the opportunity to perform at EDC Las Vegas. Since then he has been busy in the studio and has since gained some massive support from tastemaker Oliver Heldens on his Heldeep Radio show. Scope the full interview below to get to know Evil Twin!



– Techibeats: Thanks for chatting today! So jumping right into it, how did you get the name Evil Twin?

Evil Twin: Well it first came about when I was living in Ibiza with my twin brother Howard, and he used to introduce me to people as his ‘EVIL TWIN’ and it stuck. However, it wasn’t until many years later that I adopted it as my artist name. Some would say there’s some truth in the name; you’ll have to come to a show and see if you agree.

– Ah right on. We were curious if you were actually the evil twin! I guess time will tell…How do things differ in the US as compared to Europe in terms of the music industry? Which market do you enjoy playing more?

On the whole the sound is more mainstream in the US than in Europe. Club culture is different too, at good house clubs in Europe you won’t find booths on the dance floor or next to the DJ, in really good clubs you won’t even find a bar in the same room. That said, the US has grown electronic music to an unprecedented scale that I haven’t experienced in Europe. I particularly love the positivity and can-do-attitude of the people here in the US, impossible is nothing and that’s infectious.  I really don’t prefer one to other, it’s nice to experience both.

– You won the Discovery Project in 2014 and were awarded a slot at EDC LV. Tell us about this experience.

I have a strong profile in the UK, however when I first moved to Los Angeles I virtually had to start-over. I decided to enter the Discovery Project to do just that, be discovered in the US.  I felt confident I had a good chance of winning as I had released tracks on some good labels.  I got a call from Insomniac whilst in the grocery store… it was pretty surreal to be told you’re playing at the biggest electronic music festival in America whilst browsing the fruit and veg isle on a Tuesday morning.

I’ve been to a lot of festivals in the UK and Ibiza, but seeing the main stage at EDC for the first time was quite an experience. The production is arguably the biggest and best in the World, and the amount of people in the crowd was jaw-dropping. I played 2.30AM-4AM and was one of a small number of House DJs playing that night.  After my set I was scouted by an agent from Ten-In-One Talent and soon after joined their roster alongside Morgan Page, BT, Maor Levi, and Gabriel & Dresden.  Discovery Project truly gave me my break in America.

– That is awesome man, truly what the Discovery initiative is all about. Your bio notes that you have performed all across the globe from London to Ibiza to Australia to LA. What has been your favorite event to date and what set this one apart from the rest?

It’s too hard to pick just one; I guess my last set before moving to the US. I headlined The 103 room at Ministry of Sound in London; that was pretty special as I have a lot of respect for the brand and club and all my friends came to see me off.  The High Flyers Boat Party in Sydney; sailing around the Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as the back drop and looking out to 1000 strong mad ravers was epic… oh and the Full Moon on Haad Rin Beach in Thailand was mental.  In the US; the Insomniac Festivals have always blown me away and I feel honoured to be playing at them. Also playing alongside Alesso & Paul Oakenfold at Park City Live Utah, and Morgan Page, Hot Chip and Toolroom Live at Avalon Hollywood, definitely my favourite clubs to play in the US.


-Yeah we can only imagine the going away party was epic! And of course we all love Avalon. We also noticed in your bio that you have quite a few releases under your belt with a handful of notable labels. What would you say is the one Evil Twin track that the masses need to hear? And if you want to build off that, what has been your favorite Evil Twin production so far?

I’d say the masses need to hear my remix of Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At?  It’s an absolute weapon in my DJ sets and has had support from Oliver Heldens on Heldeep Radio. My favourite production to date is a collaboration with Tim Cullen called ‘Discobomb’ that was released on Prok & Fitch’s label Floorplay Music.  It’s a monster of a house track that often causes dancefloor ‘Sit-Downs’ which are always fun.  It also reached the top 20 on Beatport and DMC Buzz Chart.

– Big ups on the top 20 charting, always a nice feat. Clearly you’re having a fair amount of success with electronic music but what other artists or genres inspire you?

I only really listen to electronic music, mostly because innovation is so rapid and there’s so many sub genres, there’s always something interesting to listen to or something that fits my mood.  I’m mostly inspired by my own grass roots introduction to electronic music, acts like The Prodigy and Altern8 still have a big effect on me to this day. I’d love to work with Keith Flint, Bjork, Karin Park, Luciana, DMX, and Die Antwoord… they have attitude and swagger and that works well with my sound.

-Yeah those are some pretty amazing artists listed there, would love to see what you could cook up with some of them. What is your goal for your career? What would you like to have achieved/accomplished at the culmination of your career?

My goal for my career is to play in outer space, people say ‘the sky is the limit’… but I hope it’s not.

By the end of my career I’d like to have left a legacy of music that stands the test of time and inspires people for years to come

– A legacy is definitely something many desire to leave behind and what better way than music. What separates you apart from all the other artists in the US?

-My music, my brand, and being an avid electronic music fan for two decades makes me unique here in the US. I’d like to encourage everyone that’s going to read this to join my Evil Army (#EvilArmy).

– We will have to check out the Evil Army. Can you tell us what is planned for the final half of the year for Evil Twin? Any upcoming records or shows we can be clued in on? 

I’ve just released a remix of Zen Freeman – Two Roads Ft. Ilsey on Black Hole Recordings / Magik Muzik and I’m following that up with a new remix of Bassanova – Fire Escape for Black Hole Recordings too.  There’s plenty of originals in the works and I’m also currently remixing a Grammy nominated artist but I’m not allowed to say who.

As for shows in the books; I have just played Nocturnal Wonderland, I have a residency at Delano Hotel and Delano Beach Club in Las Vegas, and I’m about to take my new ‘Alter Ego’ tour concept across the US. Keep your eyes on my socials for tour dates near you!

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