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Eric Prydz

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There are so many artists in the world of dance music these days, but one of them stands alone. The artist we are talking about is Eric Prydz. Since day one Eric has stayed true to himself, true to his nature and has become an icon by following his own beat instead of others. It doesn’t matter if he’s producing under his real name or one of his other famous aliases like Cirez D or Pryda. At the end of the day, he evokes emotion and tells a story with every production he puts out. Not many people can juggle originality while being in the mainstream scene and he does it with ease. With countless mainstream and underground tracks, the man is known as a musical genius and not only has an extremely large mainstream audience, but a massive underground following as well. Reigning from Sweden and now currently living in Los Angeles, Prydz continues to be known as the king of originality. It was a true honor to interview the man himself and we will remember this one for a very long time to come. Check it out after the jump!

Allien (Original Mix) Pryda – Allien (Original Mix)

Eric it’s a huge honor to be interviewing you, how are you doing today?

Hey Dude, I’m doing pretty well. I’m back in LA, sun is shining, so I’m pretty good.

Yeah you just moved to LA, how do you like it so far?

To be honest this time of year in Sweden the weather is a little bit different than it is here.

Are you enjoying the sun?

Oh yeah it’s a lovely day today, the sun is out and I’m going shopping and then to lunch with a friend. I have a few days off now so I’m just trying to recharge my battery. I just came back from the east coast. I have been there for a mini tour.

You have such a unique, progressive, dark and captivating sound. Where does that inspiration come from?

Um, you know, it’s hard to say. I think when it comes to dance music my heroes were the producers and DJ’s from the Swedish techno scene like Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlback. When it comes to that particular sound I think they had a very big impact on me and I think that might be where those dark sounds come from but you know I have always been a big fan of DJ’s like Sasha and Digweed that have that progressive dark sound as well.

You have so many different names you produce under, which one is your favorite?

Um, I like them all! I don’t really have a favorite. I like to make different kinds of styles and I just think it would be a bit confusing if I did a top 10 record or if I did like a dark techno record under the same name. So a great way to do it is to have different names and it really takes the pressure off me to not have a massive hit every time.

Your latest Essential Mix was amazing from start to finish. I can’t really begin to tell you how great it was. You have so many tracks in it that aren’t released yet. Do you plan on releasing any of these soon?

Yeah! Yeah, I am. I think putting them all in the essential mix is a good way for me to see which ones people like the most. You know, I think that’s what the essential mix is about. It’s about having 2 hours of having brand new music that people haven’t heard before. People ask what’s this track or what’s that track? I wanted to do it that way this time around instead of having all the obvious big bombs in there and rather focus more on blending the tracks together. It doesn’t always have to be about the big tunes. It can be about blending tracks together perfectly. I kind of had that mind when I did the mix and I’m really happy it has been received by everyone extremely well.

Lets talk about your show EPIC. It was a huge sensation overseas, will you be bringing it to the states anytime soon?

We have obviously talked about it. The problem with EPIC is that it’s a massive production. It’s much bigger than a jumbo jet so it comes with a lot of complications to tour with. But obviously we have talked about taking it to North America and trying to do something here with it. It would be really cool so we are working on the logistics of it at the moment.

You have managed to be mainstream yet you have stayed true to yourself and you are always original. How do you do that in the industry it is today?

I don’t know man. It’s just, I like to be myself. I have never tried to be anyone else. I am the judge you know, I need to make music that excites me. I normally tell people I make the music I feel I’m missing in my record box at the moment. The music I want to play out and the music I want to hear when I’m in a club. I also don’t really listen to anything other people are doing or what’s hot now. If there is a trend I try to stay as far away from it as possible because I want to do my own thing.

Going off that, your Pryda Friends label boasts a very talented roster. What is your role on bringing these talented producers to your label and can you tell us a little bit about working with Fehrplay?

I mean, you know, the people on my label are all friends of mine, people I have known beforehand. Actually, Ferplay wasn’t an old friend he was a neighbor of mine from Norway that would send me demo’s. He was just obvious to sign. He has a a sound that fits Pryda but he really does his own thing. I’m really happy to have him on the label and I really think he’s going to blow up in 2013. His music is very different and it’s his sound, it doesn’t sound like all the other DJ’s and producers at the moment.

The music industry has changed a lot since you got into it. What do you view as positives and what do you view as negatives at the moment?

I don’t know man. It is what it is. I mean obviously the internet got bigger and quicker. Which means so does music. 10 years ago tracks had a longer life span and these days I feel like dance music is a bit like fast food you know? Kind of a throw away thing. A track can be considered old after three weeks which is a bit weird. I don’t know there’s never anything bad that doesn’t have anything good with it. I think the internet opened up a lot of opportunities for bedroom producers and now you have as big of a shot as anyone else, which I think is fantastic.

It’s been a crazy last couple years with all the blogging going on. On a daily basis, how many people send you their music? I can only imagine your mailbox is full everyday.

Haha yeah I get a lot. Yeah you know I’m not going to lie there is a lot of shit in there haha but then there is a lot of amazing stuff as well. There’s a few tracks from bedroom producers that I put into my essential mix that I thought I thought were absolutely amazing. I try to listen to as many demos as I can otherwise you’re going to miss out on the next big thing.

Lets go back to your shows. You just started a new residency in Las Vegas called “Black Dice”. You play and produce a very different style of music than is usually played in Vegas, how did the crowd react to your first show?

Yeah I mean it’s my new monthly residency at Encore and Wynn hotel. Obviously Vegas is known for being Vegas basically. I wanted to change that around and bring the European warehouse feeling but with a Vegas twist of being luxurious. Give that dark vibe to it, make it about the music and that’s what it’s been about. The reception so far has been amazing and I feel people are tired of hearing the same music weekend in, weekend out and we bring something fresh to the table and I think people really appreciate that.
Cirez D – On Off (Original Mix) | Beatport
On Off (Original Mix) Cirez D – On Off (Original Mix)

It is a great idea. Did you have to argue with them at first or were they open to the idea?

Oh no they loved the idea! I’ve played Surrender and XS before and they knew what I was talking about. First two times I played there they were like What was that? I was like What do you mean? and they go… We never heard this music before and people are going crazy to it. We want more! so we started talking and we came up with the Black Dice concept.

What’s up next for you? Any new productions about to be released? Excited for your upcoming show in San Francisco?

Oh man yeah. I mean San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the US it has a very European feel to it and it threw me off at first because it felt like I was home. But it will be great to come back there and I get so much feedback online from people in San Francisco so I think it will be a crazy show.

Any advice you would give upcoming producers and DJ’s?

Yeah, don’t be so obsessed about success. It’s about having fun and making music. If you are enjoying yourself, people will hear it in your music and success will come automatically. As I said before, with the internet today you have as much possibility as anyone else to get your music out there. Send demos, put your music out and just try to get your music out there. I think if you are really into Afrojack or Axwell, the obvious thing is when you start to make music you will try to make Afrojack music or Axwell music but they are already making that music so much better than you will ever do. So just take your time, find your own sound and tell a story with your music. That is when other people will open their eyes to you and be like Oh what’s this, I have never heard this before and thats when it gets exciting.

Well thank you for your time Eric. You are such a humble man for being so successful and a true icon in the dance music industry. I really thank you for your time man.

Oh no worries dude. Thanks for talking to me!
Interview: Eric Prydz | Stream Only

Eric will be playing in San Francisco on March 9th at the Warfield you can purchase tickets here. Also for more info and updates on Mr. Prydz ‘like’ his facebook page and follow his twitter account. To listen/purchase his music as well as his labels releases you can search our website here for a lot of his most recent releases.

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