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Dyro x Bassjackers | ‘X Tour’

Dyro x Bassjackers | ‘X Tour’ Biography:

This fall we had the pleasure of interviewing Dyro and Bassjackers in Minneapolis while on their US bus tour titled, the “X” tour. We sat down with Marlon of Bassjackers and Jordy (Dyro) to see what the “X” Tour is all about and to get an idea of what its like touring around the United States. We scored some details about their upcoming collaboration and even got to know a little more about the other half of Bassjackers, Ralph. The “X” Tour will be hitting 27 cities throughout the United States, Canada, and even a stop in London! Here is how the interview went…

TB: Hey guys thanks for sitting down with us tonight, First off, what inspired you two to go on the X Tour?

Marlon(of Bassjackers): We did a tour together in 2012…..

Dyro: I was always a big fan of Bassjackers, when i was just coming up I really wanted to do a collab with them because I really liked their style. I think i even asked my management to set something up. So then Ralph (the producer of Bassjackers) asked if I wanted to work on a song and I said sure and he sent it over.

Marlon: It was so crazy, we had the melody and the chords for the breakdown for nearly a year but couldn’t come up with a good drop or really make it a song and sure enough sent it over to this guy (Dyro) and after like a day he sent something back and then Ralph finished the track. We did a tour back in 2012 and we wanted to do another tour sometime so here we are in 2014 with the X Tour.

TB: And that track you’re referring to was Grid?

Marlon: Yes that was Grid and the Grid Tour!

TB: Can we expect a new track from you guys in the future?

Marlon: X! We play it at every show. It’s finished right?

Dyro: Yeah its finished… its kinda acidic….

Marlon: It’s got a REALLLLLY big build up. And goes “Bring that back” before the drop.

TB: Awesome! We will listen for it tonight. So what do you guys like most about touring in the United States versus other countries?

Dyro: I would like to address how cool it is to be able to bus everywhere. I’ll give an example, when you’re doing a flying tour you only go to bigger locations. But with a bus you have to drive it. So with a plane you could only do San Diego, Seattle, and Minneapolis. But now we are on a bus so we can hit the smaller markets in between which is cool because theres fans there too who usually don’t get big DJs to come around. They are smaller venues but we know and its cool, we want to address a whole new market.

Marlon: It’s the only way you can play those markets! But even when you’re flying I think the US is different from rest of world. Because Asia tours are like 6-7 hour flights everyday. In america its like an hour or two, three hours max. The travel is not too hard and the airports are good and everything is pretty nice. I like America because of the crazy crowds, it gets pretty wild. Compared to touring in Europe where its always shitty flights, transfers…. Thats why we tour in the US so much, cuz its really fun.

Dyro: One time I did a show in Greece and I think I had to go on a flight that took me 9 hours to get there and should have only been 2 hours. just so many layovers man.

Marlon: But whatever man, thats what we do to play for all our fans around the world.

TB: Right on man, we all appreciate it. Love seeing the live shows! Now here is a question for Marlon. Does other half of Bassjackers, Ralph, ever DJ?

Marlon: Never ever and it’s never going to happen. when it first started we didn’t know what was going to happen because he was more of a producer and i was more of a DJ and we weren’t sure if he was going to join and tour together with me but after the first couple shows and when he was actually there to witness how it was going and happening, he told me,”I will never DJ, it’s not for me. i don’t want to be the center of attention, I just want to be in the studio making music.”

Dyro: Ralph is totally different, very calm and relaxed.

Marlon: we are kinda like opposites….

Dyro: He’s nerdy, like me…

TB: Marlon, do you ever produce with Ralph?

Marlon: Sometimes…

Dyro: He makes all the mashups himself and what not but it takes him a little more time.

Marlon: For example, Ralph makes a sketch or test version and and i go on tour and play out then come back and say we should change this and that and we work it out and the end result is something we are both happy with. I give more of the DJ perspective on the music and he give more the producer perspective on the music. It works for us.

TB: Ahh right on! Here is a question for Dyro about this years DJ Mag… You were the highest entry last year at #30. This year it’s Deorro at #19. Who do you think will have a big 2015?

Dyro: It’s really early man there’s no way of saying that right now I mean look at Martin Garrix he blew up in a year and a lot of people don’t focus on the DJ Mag now. So many guys simply don’t care about it anymore.

TB: Right on man, good stuff. Well I think we have to wrap this up here. Thanks for letting us sit down and chat and we will see you guys tonight at the venue!

Marlon: No problem thanks guys!

Dyro: Thanks!

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