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Dirtyphonics Biography:


The French electro/dubstep/DnB group known as Dirtyphonics is hands down one of the freshest and most innovative groups in the EDM scene to date. Officially formed back in 2004, Dirtyphonics (composed of Charly, Thomas, Pho, and Pitchin) quickly climbed the ranks, becoming known for their massive, high-energy sound, signature tempo shifts, and reputable production quality. In addition to remixing artists such as Skrillex, Nero, and Benny Bennassi, the group has also released a flurry of chart-topping singles, such as “French Fuck,” “Vandals,” and their newest release of “DIRTY,” which is still in the Beatport Top 100 – Dubstep. Despite their undeniable reputation as chart-topping producers, Dirtyphonics are most notorious for their incredible live performance, something that must be seen to be believed. Incorporating various turntables, CDJs, MPCs, mixers, and effects processors, the group sets the golden standard for a true EDM performance. We had a chance to catch up to Dirtyphonics for an interview, read after the jump…

I read in your bio that you (Charly and Thomas) first met in design school way back in 2000. How did you guys decide to start making music together?

We’ve always wanted to write stories and create. Thomas was already doing it through his paintings and I was making House music and Drum & Bass at the time. Everyday, as soon as we got out of class, we’d jump on a computer and start writing tunes.

How did you end up with the group you have today?

A couple years later we met Julien at a house party through his sister. He was already making music with a different project and the very next day the three of us jumped in the studio and started playing. It quickly became a full on new project that we called Dirtyphonics.
Then when we started touring with this name, we met PitchIn on the road (who had a solo career for years) and we felt very fast that he would be a perfect addition to the band. We all bring something different to the table and that’s what makes Dirtyphonics.

You have been making music for several years now. Has it always been the dirty electro/dubstep/DnB madness that exists today?

Fuck no. We’ve played in Metal bands when we were teens, then we’ve done Hip-Hop, House, Techno, Electro and all sorts of tracks without a genre name. Then we all fell in love with Drum & Bass and naturally started writing dubstep.

Who would you say influences you the most, musically and personally? If you had the opportunity to work with ANY artist/producer, who would it be?

We’re often asked this question and it’s hard to give a short answer…Metallica, Daft Punk, Wu Tang, John Williams to name a few…

I first saw you perform live at last years I LOVE THIS CITY in San Francisco, and I immediately became a fan. There is truly something unique about the way you perform. Would you consider your performance “live” in comparison to other DJs in the EDM scene?

It is Live. If you don’t hit those MPC pads, nothing happens. Just like playing the guitar, if you stop strumming the strings, then something major is missing from the music… nothing is synched and it’s never the same show…

What made you want to incorporate a “live” element to your shows?

We wanted to get this “rock band” feeling again. We write music together, we spend most of our time together, it just made sense to be together on stage and play.

Where is your favorite place in the world to play shows? How do your shows in the US compare to those elsewhere around the world?

We’ve seen so many places the past three years and met so many people that it’s really hard to choose…L.A and Socal, Puerto Rico, Paris, Vegas, Vancouver, Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow, Barcelona…We have awesome memories from lots of places and the vibes are very different from a country to another. We do have a soft spot for the US because of the extravaganza and energy there but once again it’s too hard to choose.

You recently released your newest track “DIRTY,” which is doing very well on Beatport. What else can we look forward to in future?

“DIRTY” has had a great response and we’re very happy with the remixes in the bundle… It’s the first single of our debut album “IRREVERENCE” that will be out in march on Dim Mak recs. We’re currently putting the final touches as well as preparing the tour(s) that will go with the release.
We can’t give the name of the second single yet but you can be sure it’s going to be different from “DIRTY”. We’re also re-launching our web store soon, we’re working on production to take on the road and have other things up our sleeve…2013 will be DIRTY!

Thanks again for taking time to do an interview with us at Techibeats. We are looking forward to see what you guys do next.

Make sure to keep up with Dirtyphonics and get all the latest info on their tour schedule and releases HERE on their Facebook page.

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