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Dieselboy Biography:

What first got you into the EDM scene? Who were the artists and genres that originally inspired you?

My first dose of “techno” was the track “anasthasia” by t99 back in 1991. I was at a front 242 concert and a guy that worked at a local record shop told me I needed to check this tune out. Changed my life. Form that point on I began to collect as much electronic music as I could afford on my poor college student budget. Some of the original stuff that inspired me was the output on moving shadow, xl recordings, production house, suburban base and reinforced.

Can you talk about how running Subhuman has helped shape the bass music scene we know today?

I am not sure I can say that we are shaping bass music per se, but we do have a vision and an aesthetic and a solid team of artists. Our goal is to make an impact in the scene and push our vision of what banging dance music should be.

Dieselboy – Wake The Dead | Stream Only

How have you seen bass music evolving in the past few years? How has the rise of new genres influenced your style?

The sound have become more insane. People have almost completely rinsed out the MASSIVE plugin. There have been a lot of crossovers between bass music of all bpm levels with other genres of music. Lots of different stuff coming out. My style has always been hard, heavy, new and interesting. So as crazier tunes are made, I have been trying to implement them into my sets.

Where do you see bass music scene going in the future?

If I knew the answer to that I would be putting out those tracks tomorrow 😉 Hopefully it will keep evolving and not stagnate. I think to move to the next level – the current crop of artists need to slowly wean themselves off of the MASSIVE plugin.

What do you like doing in your spare time when you aren’t producing or touring?

What most other people do. Surf the internet. Watch TV. Read books. Walk my dogs. Hang out with my girl and my friends in Brooklyn. I like to explore the NYC food and cocktail scenes. That has been a big obsession of mine lately.

What’s one of the most memorable/your favorite experience in the EDM industry?

Meeting some really incredible people. Just being able to have connection on a personal level with artistic people that I look up to. I feel that in the past few years my fellow DJs and producers and promoters have become a lot more personal. Lots of intense friendships have formed. I’m lucky to know a lot of the people that i know right now. It’s a great feeling.

You originally used to do more Drum & Bass. Now your sets contain a more diverse group of styles. How do audiences react to your newer material?

I am still 85%+ drum and bass, though I do incorporate a bit of “drumstep” in my sets (still around 175 bpm but with a half time rhythm). The new kids are totally cool with me playing whatever. My old fans have had a much more difficult time accepting me playing anything but straight up / pure drum and bass. It has gotten to the point where if I play a couple dubstep tunes in my set people will think that I played a whole set of dubstep. To be honest it is annoying. I play music i like. always have. And if music is energetic and heavy and has the certain something, who cares what tempo it is?

Dieselboy – East Coat Science (1998) | Direct Download

What programs or equipment do you find the most useful for your productions? What piece of material did you enjoy producing the most?

Logic and Ableton. My most favorite stuff I have worked on have probably been the variety of intros I have done over the years for my mix cds and for the planet of the drum tours.

What are your plans for December 21st, 2012? Anything epic planned?

Ha not yet!

Favorite film, food, sport, actor?

Film: Shawshank Redemption. Food: A toss up between Italian (lasagna) and Mexican (elote). Sport: MMA. Actor: Joe Manganiello.
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