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Deniz Koyu

Deniz Koyu Biography:

Deniz Koyu is a producer and DJ that has made a massive name for him self in the past year. He started making music at five years old when he began to learn the piano. His inspiration at an early age came from artists such like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk or Cassius. Deniz spent most of his time DJing and editing his favorite songs using small tape recorders and sampling what he could. Deniz first saw success with his huge single releases “Tung” and “Hertz”. With his music career in full swing it was a no brainer that we would have to get our news reporter Shea Hausen to interview him in Ibiza. See how it went after the jump

Tung (Original Mix) Deniz Koyu – Tung (Original Mix)

How are you doing today Deniz?

I’m great thanks hope you are good too! I’m having an office day, planning my release schedule, doing interviews and paper work and enjoying the sun.

Tell us about what it feels like going from a relatively unknown producer a year ago to playing some of the most world renown clubs.

It’s hard to describe it cos it happens late that you realize what is actually going on, when you are already totally in it. When first things started rolling and I saw all big DJs playing my records and I was getting my first bigger tour dates, it feels like a dream becoming true. It’s a sensational feeling when you get rewarded for the hard work you’ve been doing for years.

Is this your first time playing in Ibiza?

This summer is the first year I’m playing in Ibiza yes. I’ve had two gigs at Space so far, and on August 15 I’m playing with Sebastian Ingrosso at his Refune party at Ushuaia which I’m super excited for.

You have made quite a splash in the last 2 years. Can you tell us about what got you here? What was your first big break?

My breakthrough was the release of Tung! on Flamingo Recordings last summer. That was my first track that all superstar DJs played and it got me a lot of attention. After that I was working hard in the studio. I did my next single Hertz, the remix of James Blunt ‘Dangerous’ together with Johan Wedel, more remixes for Fedde Le Grand and Kaskade and my latest single Bong on Refune Records. All of them got played around the world by all big DJs, which is how I got my music out to the world and my career took off.

You have had some of your remixes and tracks played by the largest names in the industry such as Swedish House Mafia and Fedde Le Grand even named you breakthrough artist of 2011. How are you handling all the sudden attention/pressure?

I try not to think about it too much and just do my thing. When I’m in the studio making music I set my mind back to the point where I just started and people didn’t know about me so I feel free and have no pressure. It’s an amazing feeling to see the large names support your work and play your tracks, but if I would have that in mind while making new music I would be less creative.

Just in the past year you have played some pretty amazing festivals, are there any standout favorites and can you tell us what it was like playing Sensation?

Sensation in Prague was a very big experience for me. There were over 15.000 people in front of me and that was my biggest crowd up to now. I was a bit nervous before but then it all went great and I had so much fun. Also Ultra Music Festival in Miami was massive, Dayglow in Miami as well and Umagination in Croatia with Axwell. These ones were my favorites so far.

A lot of your tracks have pretty interesting names such as Tung, Bong, Hertz. How do you decide on track names?

There is a different story behind every track name actually. ‘Tung’ is a Swedish word which means ‘heavy’. It’s a slang word which all kids say when they mean something is cool or fat. I have friends in Sweden and I heard them saying that word a lot so I asked what it means and I thought that would be a really cool track title actually. Hertz was inspired by my girlfriend at that time (ex, haha). And Bong comes from a fun gig I once had in Philadelphia, not me having an actual bong but the air in this club was very Bongy hahaha!

You were involved with music from a young age. When did the transition begin from casual play to a focus on making it a career? Did it happen organically or was there a moment?

It happened slowly and organically in my case. I took piano lessons at a very young age. Then I took a break from music and had to finish school first. I went to University after school and started to study but I got more and more into music production at that time. In 2010 then I decided to take the risk and try to become a full time producer. I’m happy now I wasn’t afraid to make this decision.

Anything you would like to tell your fans about coming up in the near future? Any album in the works or things we should be looking forward to?

Yes I have a lot of single and remix releases coming out in the next few weeks and months. I did a remix on ‘Spectrum’ by Zedd which is out at the end of July. Next is my single ‘Follow You’ featuring Wynter Gordon on Big Beat. Then I did a new remix together with Fedde Le Grand coming on Toolroom. And I made a remix of Miike Snow ‘Pretender’ which is also coming soon. Plus more exciting stuff that I cannot reveal right now.

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