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Cazzette Biography:

The Swedish youngsters Alexander Björklund and Sebastien Furrer, also known as Cazzette, are a couple of the biggest up and comers in the game and have taken the scene by storm in the past 6 months. They have done huge remixes for some of the year’s biggest tracks including “Save The World” and “Titanium”. We had the privilege of interviewing these guys before their show tonight in San Francisco at the legendary Ruby Skye and it went a little something like this.

What and when was the initial interest in electronic music that led you two to work together and to produce House? Inspirations, influential artists?

We both have parents with a passion for music. Alex father always loved euro-disco which can be related to house in a way. Sebastians father used to be a DJ in Rome back in the days! We’re guessing that counts for something but actually we met online by coincidence and just started to throw ideas at each other. Regarding the influential artists there’s just to many since we love a lot of different genres but to name some; Avicii, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Pryda. Swedish Pride!

If you guys were not DJ’s/Producers what do you think you two would be doing?

It’s a super-boring answer but to be honest both of us would probably just kept on dreaming and take any job which would mean that we could keep on producing.

How does the name “Cazzette” reflect your style of music? Is there a story to how that name came about?

Our manager Ash came up with the name and we both liked it! The meaning behind the name is that it represents different styles of music, like old mixtapes used to do. We like to combine different styles of edm and mix it into one nice dish served fresh and hot.

How has working with other producers made an impact on your work? Do you prefer to work alone or with other artists?

Since we have each other and of course our manager to talk to about our productions it’s almost as we are working with other producers even if we’re a team. Cazzette does not feature any collab single’s yet but who knows what the future will bring.

What do you guys find to be the most difficult part of producing music? (mixdown, composition, drum processing, ect…?)

We try to variate our sound a lot between every track we make and that is of course some times a challenge. It’s a thin line to walk on in the edm scene. If you use the same synth in every track you wont last. But if you defer to much you will loose a lot of fans.

What production software do you like to work with the most? why?

Image-Line FL. We have been using it forever and the work-flow is incredible! It’s so easy to manage and arrange your tracks and we know it in our sleep so there’s no point in trying to learn anything else now.

Our co-workers saw you guys perform at Pier 94 on New Years and said it was amazing. Do you guys have any specifically memorable shows you’ve played that have stood out in your minds?

NYE in NYC was incredble! We had so much fun and the crowd was great! We often say that we have not been playing enough shows to pick favorites yet since we are kinda new to the scene but we still have to say that the NYE gig was out of this world. Wherever we play though we are just grateful for everything.

Where do you see the EDM scene going in relation to the rave scene? How can you compare it to where house was just a few years ago in the U.S?

Wow! We thought house was the new rave?! House has become huge compared to what it used to be. Here in Europe it’s been boiling for a while but suddenly it exploded in the states – which has opened a lot of doors for us and we love every second of it.

Thank you for your time we know you two are busy and we wish you a bright future!

For more information on Cazzette check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. They are playing at Ruby Skye tonight in San Francisco so if you’re in the area buy your tickets HERE. Also don’t forget to buy their music on their Beatport page!
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