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Bijou Biography:


Our good friend and author of Melbourne Monday, Conner Hatfield, had the chance to catch up with Bijou to talk about his recent success, and his vision for 2015. Check out the interview below for more insight on this emerging artist’s bright future. Also, be sure to check out his track “On My Hustle” with Thee Cool Cats, which was previously featured in our “Music and News” section.

TB: How did the Collaboration between you and Thee Cool Cats come about? What was the main inspiration for the track?

Bijou: This is actually the first track we collabed on together. I sent them them idea for the track and they were down with it. So a few weeks later they were in town here in Phoenix and we got down and finished it & just loved the final outcome so hopefully it has good feedback now that its released.

TB: You recently released an EP with Sleazy G, do you have any upcoming tracks or collaborations coming in the near future?

Bijou: Yeah we had the Ball Out Ep release last December on Sleazy (shout out to Rob for the love on this one). Im finishing up a solo Ep soon & just finished an Ep with my boy Juany Bravo as well. As far as collabs with Tony & Gerry we spent a lot of time in the studio together the last couple months so we have quite a bit of stuff to come so be on the look out for those. #HUSTLEGANG


TB: You’ve opened for quite a number of amazing acts, along with headlining shows in the U.S. and Mexico. What has been your favorite gig thus far?

Bijou: Man thats a tough one haha, the Mexicali gig was super dope because that was my first out of state & first international gig. The vibe was super dark and the crowd was way different than what I’m used to in Phoenix. Also the fat that we went till 6 am was wild, thats unheard of in Phoenix. The past month the gig w/ Destructo, Anna Lunoe, & T Williams was just wild as fuck. Playing in support for all 3 of them was amazing & then having the opportunity to finish the night off B2B with each of them was something I am still trippin about.


TB: You’ve had a lot of success with your releases. How does it feel to have Destructo dropping your tracks live?

Bijou: Honestly it feels amazing to have support from Artists like Gary, I had no idea he was playing Ball Out till he was here and we spoke about it. He’s really pushing the envelope with the music he’s producing and artists he’s booking for HARD so its dope to see these things happening.

TB: What are your goals for 2015 as an artist, and what is your vision for the Strictly G movement?

Bijou: For me 2015 is really going to be about building my profile as an artist and getting my release schedule to where I want it to be for 2016. I know the year just started, but I’m looking into next year already haha. As far as shows I’ve always wanted to play HARD so thats definitely something I’m reaching for this year. For the movement I really just want this to be about the music. This whole scene is brought together by the music and thats what It’s about & If you love this shit just keep pushing. G House is still young and I think it has a lot of room to grow so we’ll see where it goes this year. Shout out to my boys Thee Cool Cats #HUSTLEGANG is coming full steam in 2015. Cheers!


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