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Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi Biography:


Benny Benassi has been one of the most prolific figures in electronic music over the past decade, yet he still shows no signs of slowing down. The Italian powerhouse’s sound has grown and adapted to the constantly changing EDM scene – from the simplistic, raw power of “Satisfaction” to the catchy, pop-influenced “Cinema”. No matter the scene nor setting that he has infront of him, Benny Benassi adheres to the demands of the crowd and always knows exactly what song to play in the perfect situation. Only time will tell what Benny Benassi will do next but we cannot wait to see this innovative genius continue his already impressive run. Give his most recent release with Pink Is Punk titled, “Perfect Storm”, a listen below and don’t forget to check the full interview after the drop!

Pink Is Punk & Benny Benassi – Perfect Storm (Original Mix) | Beatport
Perfect Storm (Original Mix) Pink Is Punk & Benny Benassi – Perfect Storm (Original Mix)

We are big fans of your older sound like the song “Here and Now”. Do you think you will ever revert back to that sound or is it done for good?

When Alle (my cousin and producer) and I work on new music, it’s never calculated, it just flows. Sounds are always recycled and changed so hey, who knows!

Do your sets change depending on what location you are performing in? Do you do research about a specific country/city before you perform there?

I work with the crowd so it always changes. When I see the people in front of me are enjoying themselves then my job is much easier and the show is better for everyone. Luckily for me I have traveled a lot of the world so I have been to most places more than once.

Of all the countries you’ve toured, which has been the most exciting and had the most impact on you?

That’s tough, the people make the place and the party. I will always love Ibiza, Spain and right now Las Vegas is just crazy.

You have traveled the world. Where would you say the most beautiful girls in the world are?

Let me call my girlfriend and check with her.

Why did you decide to remix the classic Bob Marley hit “Jammin”? Has Reggae had much of an influence on your production style?

The track is such a classic and when Alle and I were given the opportunity to remix it we couldn’t refuse.

How many years did it take before you and your music got attention from the media? Did the process of “breaking through” ever get exhausting?

It took some time before we had such a huge success with “Satisfaction” but Alle and I always made music we loved for the passion over anything else so no, not exhausting. We were, like we are now, just doing what we know and love.

Being one of the pioneers of electro house music, how do you feel about all the young up-and-comers? Where does age come into play? Does age matter to you at all?

It’s quality over everything, age, experience, genre. It is only important that young musicians starting out create the music they want and there are a lot doing that.

Do you feel that the younger generation has a genuine appreciation for electronic dance music? Or is it just another trend?

Electronic dance music has been trendy to young people for a long time. I think it is fantastic that the genre is collaborating with others and gaining more and more recognition and respect.

Thank you for your time Mr. Benassi! We look foreword to hearing from you again!

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