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Bassjackers Biography:



Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst better known as Bassjackers formed in 2007. Their big break came in 2011 when they released the huge single “Mush Mush” on Tiesto’s record label Musical Freedom. Since then they have been destroying dancefloors everywhere they play with a wide variety of amazing remix’s and original tracks. We had the exciting opportunity to interview these guys…

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us an interview. How are you two doing today?

We’re doing really good! As you might know, Bassjackers consist of one Dj and one producer so I’m (Marlon) touring North America right now and Ralph is really busy working on new tracks and remixes in our studio in the Netherlands

 How did you two end up working together in the first place?

Ralph: I was always busy on my computer making tunes of all sorts and at some point early 2006 Marlon started DJ-ing.
Marlon: And since I know Ralph from high school, I of course knew he was playing around with sounds and stuff and I asked him if we could try making a house record, one that I could spin at my own parties I was throwing at that time.
Ralph: And Beat Cut was the result. A dream debut really, being charted by Fedde le Grand and picked up by Sneakerz Muzik (Spinnin). Bassjackers was born.

What initially inspired you to pursue music? (Artists, genres, ect…)

Marlon: As a kid I loved music and i bought cds in all sorts of genres. i listened to everything from rock to hiphop and top40 to hardcore. Later on I started clubbing and the house music got me! There was this huge club called Now&Wow in Rotterdam and we used to go there every week. I was really fascinated by the art of Dj-ing and in 2006 I plundered my savings to buy Dj-gear and practice in my bedroom Ralph: Me and my walkman always were the biggest buddies, logistics back then were making sure my batteries would not be depleted at any time. One could say I had a healthy interest in music as such. And at some point I learned that one could make his own music with a computer, and that fascinated me so much. I was hooked.

How would you define your sound?

Both: high energy crazy beats with lots of bass.

You guys have remixed a lot of songs that everyone loves, but what is your favorite remix that you guys have done?

Ralph: No favorite really, although I must say I think it’s really cool to say we remixed famous people like Rihanna, Moby and Tiesto hahaha But if I have to name one favorite it’s Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat.Marlon: My favorite is the remix we did for Tiesto’s – Maximal Crazy. First of all we considered it an honor to remix Tiesto. And the original is of course already a monstertrack! But I think we did a good job on that one and it goes of every time I play it out in the clubs.

What piece of hardware/software do you find the most useful in your productions?

Ralph: Well, Fruity Studio is quite a big help of course. And we also use vst’s like sylenth1 and massive a lot. One Knob series from waves are pretty cool too.

What would you say is the most difficult part of producing music?

Ralph: Keeping it simple and not get too lost in cool, gadgety stuff.

Your massive hit “Mush Mush” which was released on Musical Freedom, is still played constantly. Any new big releases coming up?

Both: Yes, of course we remix a lot, and we got cool remixes for Bob Sinclar, Far East Movement and others coming up. Further along we also have some cool collabos lined up with Angger Dimas and Gregori Klosman. And later on new own stuff will be released as well.

We can’t wait!!Any specific goals you guys have for 2012 or anything big you have in the works?

Both: Nothing specific actually, we just want to get more and better tracks out there and play them out to as much people as possible all around the globe!!

Thank you for your time, we know you two are very busy. Looking forward to seeing your show!

Both: Thanks for having us! Really stoked for the show too!!

To know what these guys are up to, add their Facebook page and Twitter. Also be sure to check out their Beatport page and buy their music! If you’re in the San Francisco/Bay area they will be performing at 30 Tehama Street, San Francisco, also known as The Black Door tomorrow night January 14th so don’t miss them. If your in another area, below are the rest of their tour dates in the U.S.

– See more at: https://www.techibeats.com/artist-interviews/bassjackers#.Us4r7GRDuFc

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