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Autograf Biography:

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We recently had the chance to catch up with one of our favorite live acts at the moment, Autograf. Coming out of Chicago, the Autograf trio have been making steady waves in the industry with their fresh take on melodic house music. Autograf dropped a handful of mesmerizing remixes and developed a fresh sound which in turn gained quite a bit of support from both fans and industry taste makers. Now with their first original single under their belt and being main support on Tycho’s current Summer Tour, it’s safe to say that Autograf is a household name in the melodic house/indie dance scene. If you have a chance to catch a live Autograf set near you, be sure to jump on the opportunity. Live Marimba and bongo was quite a nice change of pace from the lone dj hiding behind a booth and decks. Scope out the interview below to learn a little more about Autograf and find out where you can see them this summer!


Techibeats: You recently released your first original, “Dream”, what has the response been like so far and tell us what it was like to release your first original single under the Autograf project?

Autograf: We have been working towards releasing original material for the last year so putting our first track out, ‘Dream’, and having such positive feedback has been very rewarding. Watching people get excited at shows when the melody first comes in and then singing along can feel a bit surreal at times.

TB: Can you guys give us any hints about upcoming works? We heard there may be an album on the way?

A: There are a ton of originals in the works, so you should be seeing some more singles from us soon and hopefully an album later this year.

Autograf_Live 2

TB: How does Autograf differentiate from other live performances such as Griz, Pretty Lights  or Big Gigantic?

A: Even though we may all be under the electronic music umbrella, each act/live act has their own unique sound and show. We are still building out our live set and I don’t think we ever plan on stopping making music, so our live material will always be fresh.

TB: We heard you guys are heavily involved in the branding and artwork in addition to the musical side of things with Autograf, can you give us a little more information about this?

A: We started this group out with the idea of merging our music with our own creative visuals. Check out our first Factory inspired art party that we did, where we built everything you see on stage ourselves. Since we all came from an arts background, our visual aesthetic is very important to us, therefore, we wanted to create a group that would our own art and branding. We take a very DIY approach to everything we have done so far and that has allowed our vision to be seen.

TB: Where can your fans catch Autograf this summer? 

A: You can always check out our tour calendar on Facebook but we’re looking forward to hitting the road with Tycho for his tour plus a bunch of summer festivals like Electric Forest, Northern Nights, Beachglow, Splash House, Mamby on the Beach, Contour, and more.

Connect with Autograf | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 


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