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Anthony Attalla

Anthony Attalla Biography:

Last week, The Groove Cruise shipped off, bringing with it some of the finest DJs that dance music has to offer.  We at Techibeats had the pleasure of sitting down with one such DJ this week, specifically one Anthony Attalla, owner of Incorrect Music, resident Spybar DJ, and all-around great guy.  We talked with him about his background as a producer and his recent partnership with high fidelity sound filter company, Downbeats, Inc, and their co-branded after party for The Groove Cruise. “Our goal with this company has always been to focus on the fans and enhancing their experience. We try to associate the DownBeats brand with forward thinking artists who share that same point of view, so after getting to know Anthony in the Chicago scene it was a very natural partnership because he totally does.” Derin Alemli, Downbeats Founder and CEO, on his company’s recent partnership with Attalla. Below you will find our full conversation between Anthony Attalla and Techibeats representative, Alex D-Struct.


Techibeats: To start, how did you find electronic music and how did you end up becoming a DJ and Producer?

Anthony Attalla: I grew up in a very eclectic musical household.  We were always playing various forms of music like Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz, New Age, Industrial; we all had our own turn to pick the music and I tended to always gravitate to those sounds with a more electronic element to them.  It seemed like such foreign or alien sounds to me that I was in love from a young age, I just didn’t know what I was really looking for.  I was a successful athlete as a child and adolescent, so on the way to my various sporting events my father and I would delve into early “dance” music and I simply loved it.  At the same time my older siblings were listening to industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails, early Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and similar stuff so that was the start of my interest in this kind of music.  Also, it wasn’t easily accessible so the mystery finding it was always intriguing to me.  DJ’ing came by accident (subconsciously)… I always would go to clubs to see these so-called “big name” dj’s and just think to myself “I can do better that that”.  So what started as a hobby on the side eventually grew to me playing clubs locally in Detroit and Cleveland, then to traveling regionally to Toronto and Chicago and so on and so forth.  There was never any BIG MOMENT for me… it’s been a 10+ year grind and I’ve loved every minute of it, especially the tough times.  That’s where I grew the most.

TB: What lead to the creation of “Incorrect Music“? Has the running/owning of a label changed you’re view of the music industry or how you approach it?

AA: In my early producer days I was working on an album with my friend Christopher Norman and we were sick of shopping our tracks and dealing with all the bullshit you have to put up with from label A&R’s.  I was very successful in the corporate world before I decided to give music my full attention, so Chris suggested I start a record label.  He said to me, “your better than all these guys when it comes to business so why couldn’t you have a successful label?”  Four years later hear we are 🙂

TB: How did your partnership with Downbeats come about?

AA: I met the guys organically now that I moved from Detroit to Chicago.  Marco was a big supporter of what I was doing in the city.  He thought it was a fresh take and was great for the scene so we naturally just gravitated to each other and began a friendship… It’s more a bunch of guys sharing ideas to help each other flourish rather than a compartmentalized business relationship


TB: How has your experience with joining Bullitt Agency been?  Congrats on joining them by the way.

AA: HORRIBLE!  ….hahahhahha joking obviously!  Love those guys… they’re like family.  I’ve been friends with all of them for so long and so many of the guys on the agency are my homies so it was an easy and obvious transition.  Also, they deal well with my annoying workaholic, obsessive compulsive focus so that’s a plus LOL (thanks Supreet + Ryan xoxo)

TB: What can we expect from you in 2015? any major plans, tours, releases?

AA: Yes of course… so much is going on it’d take too much space on here to write out… Let’s just say I’m aiming for nothing less than world domination :))

TB: You closed out BPM 2015 on Sunday alongside Sharam and the rest of the Yoshitoshi label showcase at Blue Parrot, how would you describe that day?

AA: In two words = “Amazing” and “Exhausting” LOL… I played at legendary Colombian nightclub, Baum in Bogota the night before.  The gig was mind-blowing for so many reasons (the club, the people, the sound system) and I ended up playing well past my proposed end time until 7am, then went straight to the airport, flew back to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the bpm closing party and when I landed I went straight to Blue Parrot for my gig… no sleep… got there 15 min before I started LOL.  So yeah I was on auto-pilot but it was a killer time.  I’ve been waiting to play bpm festival for a few years so it felt great to be on one of the main venues for the closing party and seeing all my friends in the crowd :))

TB: What was your favorite set of The BPM festival 2015?

AA: Eats Everything at the Paradise party blew my mind! Steve Lawler was also awesome as always. Jamie Jones brought it proper and Adriatique played amazing as well. There really wasn’t a bad set anywhere I went… my fav week of the year for sure.

TB: The second half of this last summer you spent doing a European Tour, What were some of the highlights for you?  (I briefly chatted with you about this at Riverwest before you left)

AA: The whole thing was wonderful… I didn’t really have one gig that wasn’t fun.  The beginning was a bit of a whirlwind; I did something like 6 shows in 4 cities in 3 countries in 48 hours (London, two cities in Lithuania, and two shows in Madrid from Fri-Sun night).  I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and I still barely remember it I was so delirious while I was playing… the only thing keeping me going was the music!  The remaining several weeks were a collection of memories I won’t soon forget.  I always look forward to my European adventures.

TB: Also do you thing the underground scene in the US has caught up to that of Europe? or are there stark differences you notice when playing?

AA:  Really depends where you are… it’s really the same in both places… some cities are great and others suck. They mirror one another very much. But overall the US is really popping right now…. Everyone here is really excited about the music and the people tend to dance “harder” in the US cause it’s new and exciting for them

TB: My Final two questions, Do you have any unique asks on your rider?

AA: No

TB: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

AA: I already have them… and no I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you ;)

For a closer look at Anthony Attalla, connect with him on his socials | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

For more informations on Downbeats, find them on their socials | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram

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