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AC Slater

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Aaron Clevenger also professionally known as AC Slater recently did an interview with us here at Techibeats in San Francisco at the beautiful nightclub Audio. AC Slater has been at the forefront of innovation in the bass music scene recently with his upcoming debut of his new record company Night Bass which is set to debut on June 30th. With signing some new and promising up and comers like Petey Clicks and Jay Robinson the future of Aaron’s record company Night Bass has the potential to take things to new heights in the underground music scene. Check out this interview as we dive deeper into what Night Bass, and AC truly holds for the future of music fans all across the world!


Techibeats – Alright AC Slater, thank you so much for finding some time to sit down and do this interview with Techibeats, we really appreciate it.

AC – Yeah!

Techibeats – So just start off what’s your real name and where are you from?

AC – My name is Aaron, and I’m from West Virginia, however I currently live in L.A.

Techibeats – Within little over a year your monthly event at sound in Hollywood called “Night Bass” has reached the ears of thousands across the US and the entire globe how does it feel that something you started has become so successful within the music industry?

AC – It feels great man, I put my heart into it and its something I really believe in, and I’m just really happy and excited that other people connect to it.

Techibeats – You’ve always had that heavy bass vibe from trap, electro house, dubstep to deep house, what would you consider is the night bass sound/genres?

AC – Night bass is a mix of UK Garage, elements of house like bass house, bassline just kinda like a mix of a lot of similar styles that have different names like house but with more of a short attention span vibe and some heavier bass for sure.

Techibeats – What are some differences between your record label Partylikeus and Night Bass?

AC – Right now since I launched Night Bass its gonna be more tightly curated. Like the releases for Partylikeus is more for like newer artists and just kinda more different stuff that doesn’t fit on night bass cause I have a more specific idea on what I want to do with night bass, Partylikeus is more of a free form place to put out a range of different types of music.

Techibeats – What do you look for in new up and coming artists that you sign to Night Bass?

AC- Originality is the most important thing. The worst thing I personally think is getting demos that sounds like someone else and the thing that really stands out to me is when I get a demo and someone sounds different like they have there own sound you know it doesn’t have to be a new genre or something but your own take on something that you like I think that’s what’s important and that’s what makes people stand out and that’s what I want to do with night bass the label.

Techibeats – What was it like working with the OWSLA team in your release of “Booty Free?”

AC – Really good, I just signed to them I have en EP coming out this summer on OWSLA, four tracks and a lot more after that there a great crew, really supportive, good friends, LA heads, neighbors, yah I’m really excited its going to be good.

Techibeats –  Speaking about Owsla what was it like working with the likes of Skrillex?

AC – I mean he’s on another level man, so its definitely unlike working with anyone else, definitely different he’s super inspirational, his work ethic and his talent.

Techibeats – Which digital audio workstation and/or plugins do you use to get some of your unique signature sounds?

AC – I use logic for my digital audio workstation, right now I use Serum, and Massive, those are the main things right now for plugins.

Techibeats – Who were some artists that influenced you to start making electronic music?

AC – Switch, Switch kinda changed my whole view on house music, I grew up on like drum n bass, Garage and even like hardcore, its hard to pinpoint but like a big turning point in my music career or music life was switch and like Sinden and all those guys like Herve they switched up the house scene for me for sure.

Techibeats – Who is currently your favorite up and comer DJ/producer?

AC – That’s so tough, I really love Petey Clicks, LA based Night bass artists, I also like Jay Robinson from Wales he’s also really sick and is also coming out on Night Bass we’ve also released him on partylikeus I also like these guys from San Diego called Hotfire definitely recommend you check them out.

Techibeats – Last question how does it feel to be hosting a stage at EDC this year for Night Bass?

AC – Its surreal I’m really excited I cant believe its happening in two days its like a dream light up I just cant believe its happening I’m just so excited I cant wait!

Techibeats – Thankyou so much for your time we really appreciate it Aaron!

AC – Yeah no problem man!




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